Tables Turn
Silver Kamel
January 11, 2009

Bena´ssa - Tables Turn Track list
  1. Believe
  2. Voodoo feat. Lloyd De Meza & Benjah
  3. Coconut Water feat. Lloyd De Meza
  4. Third Degree feat. Benjah
  5. Have Me African Princess feat. General Degree
  6. Sodom And Gomorrah feat. Ayya
  7. Anoher Burial
  8. Amstahdam
  9. Only Me For You
  10. Anybody feat. Benjah
  11. Endless Love feat. Lady G.
  12. So Long feat. TinQ
  13. Why Fight Me
  14. Come Again feat. Lloyd De Meza
  15. Tables Turn
  16. See Me Ya
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Total votes : 8
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Bena´ssa started his career in the hip-hop genre with a group called Arnhems Gewijs. But Bena´ssa is no newcomer to the International reggae scene. He was the opening act for Sean Paul in The Hague, 2003 and has also accompanied Michael Rose, Michael Prophet, and Frankie Paul on their Germany and Netherlands tour. Most recently Bena´ssa opened for Mr. Vegas on his farewell tour, 2008, but somehow an album was never published. Here Bena´ssa has assembled a group of local talent to perform on his debut CD as he goes through social comments, love, a dancing mood, but above all he calls for truth and understanding for all mankind. With other up and coming Dutch artists like Ziggi it seems that the Dutch reggae scene is developing rapidly.

Bena´ssa's album is an interesting project. Apart from some fine solo outings he delivers a bunch of great tunes in combination with well known Jamaican artists (General Degree and Lady G), but he also introduces to the world talents such as Lloyd DeMeza, Benjah, Ayya, and TinQ. The backing on the album is well done by the Sharp Axe Band.

The album opens with Believe, a relaxing tune with Jah as its topic. The two following tracks are Voodoo and Coconut Water. These are the two singles that have already been released, definitely two songs that can't be overlooked! Third Degree emphasizes the fantastic combination of Bena´ssa and Benjah with the soft voice of Benjah coming out very good in combination with the raw and deep voice of Bena´ssa. Have Me African Princess with Jamaican star deejay General Degree is a really decent lovers tune. Sodom And Gomorrah is one of the more raw songs on the album, it's the awesome combination with Ayya that makes this one of the gems here. The dancehall influenced Another Burial shows us a different side of Bena´ssa. Amstahdam is a tribute to the Netherlands, a great sing-a-long tune. Only Me For You and Anybody are two other fine lovers tunes. Another artist who joins Bena´ssa on this album is Lady G., their combination tune is called Endless Love.

So Long featuring TinQ, gives us Lovers rock at its finest, everything fits together perfectly on this track. Why Fight Me is a true gem about the darker side of life. The nyabinghi influenced Tables Turn, the title track, is well worth spinning more than once! The final track is See Me Ya which happens to be a great tune to close the album. As a bonus the CD also includes the videoclip of "Coconut Water".

All in all the Bena´ssa album introduces a bunch of new fine artists to the Dutch reggae scene.

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