Take Charge
Noble Society
Lustre Kings
October 2, 2008

Noble Society - Take Charge Track list
  1. Nya Binghi
  2. The Ascent feat. Lutan Fyah
  3. She Told Me feat. 77Klash
  4. The Swarm
  5. Live From The Frontline
  6. Streetmusicology feat. Dead Prez & Princess Menen
  7. Mama So Divine
  8. Early Out feat. 77Klash
  9. A We Nature
  10. Gypsy Rock
  11. Get Stimulated feat. 77Klash
  12. Take Charge Interlude
  13. Rip Off
  14. Keep The Pace
  15. Dangerous Times feat. Yami Bolo
  16. Beauty Of The Beast
  17. New Day
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Lustre Kings Productions proudly presents Noble Society, the sounds from this new band varies from Reggae to Hip Hop but contains also snippets of Dubstep, Bhangra and even Flamenco. This release includes collaborations with 77KLASH, Lutan Fyah, Dead Prez (hiphop) and more.

Founder and producer Diego "Fuego" Campo, born in Spain and living in Brooklyn, has already produced for artists like Midnite, Abijah, Natty King, Lutan Fyah and Yami Bolo (the last two as guest appearances on this release). Their frontman Jahdan made his first impression with NYC's golden-era street rap legends Boot Camp Click and has been working in the Brooklyn music scene ever since. This fellow is capable of a lot singing, rapping, chanting, you name it he does it.

Noble Society is a band who brand themselves as the evolution of dancehall, I think that's a lil' to much honor for this group who are debuting with this album. On some songs their experimentation drifts work out very well, check out the dancehall and flamenco-tinged Gypsy Rock that takes from both the current wave of reggaeton and blends it with the acoustic sounds of old-world Spain, tablas from India and classical strings. But other songs are skippable and I probably will never listen to them again.

The highlights on the album are Streetmusicology, A We Nature, Dangerous Times, Beauty And The Beast and the above mentioned Gypsy Rock. Songs as like Rip Off are as the title of the song already suggests 'rip offs' from Timbaland produced songs and are not my cup of tea.

Overall I enjoyed listening to this release. It definitely has its moments were I was nodding my head (as I'm also a hiphophead). If you're looking for some well executed contemporary roots reggae don't pick this up. But if you want to listen to something else than dancehall from JA, this hiphop-tingled dancehall release from Brooklyn is a well worth addition to your collection. Videoclip of the 2005 tune New Day is included!