Teach Them Right
Apple Gabriel
JahSolidRock / Heartbeat Europe
November 10, 2010

Teach Them Right - Apple Gabriel Track list
  1. Mr. Conman
  2. Conman Version
  3. No Equality
  4. Equality Version
  5. In The Jungle
  6. Jungle Version
  7. Gifted Ones
  8. Gifted Version
  9. We Are The World
  10. Worldly Version
  11. Hypocrites
  12. Hypocrites Version
  13. Give Them Love
  14. Praise Jahoviah
  15. Holy Version
  16. She's My Comforter
  17. Tower Of Babel
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
With the 1978 released LP "The Same Song", Albert "Apple Gabriel" Craig and fellow members Lascelle "Wiss" Bulgin and Cecil "Skeleton" Spence of Israel Vibration secured themselves a place in the annals of Reggae history. The debut LP was followed by the "Unconquered People" (1979) and "Why You So Craven" (1981) sets, before they recorded their comeback album "Strength Of My Life" in 1988, which was the first of the many albums Israel Vibration recorded for Gary "Dr. Dread" Himmelfarb's RAS Records. In 1997 Apple Gabriel left the vocal group to pursue a solo career, and then in 1999, after having gone through a quiet period after the split, he came out with his first solo album entitled "Another Moses". But then things suddenly went quiet again, and while his former brethren from Israel Vibration continued to tour and record as a duo, Apple Gabriel disappeared from view.

More than a decade after the release of his debut solo album, Apple Gabriel is back with a vengeance. For his sophomore album, "Teach Them Right", he worked with Amsterdam based production-crew Not Easy At All Productions and record label JahSolidRock, known from the earlier this year released Chezidek album "Judgement Time", which deservedly got rave reviews and was hailed as one of the best releases in 2010. When they announced the release of Apple Gabriel's "Teach Them Right" expectation ran high, and now that the album is finally out on the streets we can only conclude that it exceeds our expectations. Apple Gabriel's trademark voice and typically slow, funky, almost bluesy style, is still appealing and sounds as good as it was back in the days. Besides that he's still doing those wicked "bionic" backing vocals, what makes that his songs -- underpinned by expertly played and fresh sounding 'original roots reggae' riddims -- very much sound like they were recorded during the heydays of Israel Vibration. Just like the aforementioned Chezidek set, this one is more or less a "Showcase" album, as it features quite a few vocal cuts followed by its dub versions (without gaps between the tracks).

The awesome echo-laden album opener "Mr. Conman" (with its opening line "To all those homeless people, I know your cry.") is one of the autobiographical songs that are featured on this cd. During certain periods in the past decade, Apple Gabriel himself survived until very recently, in the cold streets of Atlanta GA. The experiences, the pain and frustrations that accompany such life in an urban, concrete jungle, are expressed in "Mr. Conman" as well as in tracks such as the excellent"No Equality", and the extraordinary "In The Jungle" with its great lyrics and huge vibe. Lyrically the outstanding "Give Them Love" (aka "Teach Them Right"), which is underpinned by the same riddim as Chezidek's "Live And Learn", is food for thought. "Hypocrites" is a solid tune with a powerful backdrop, while "Praise Jahoviah" can be reckoned amongst the standouts. "She's My Comforter", a love song but one that also goes beyond the matters of the heart, is simply beautiful. In the end "Tower Of Babel" rounds off Apple Gabriel's long awaited second album in truly great way.

Without any doubt this expertly produced "Teach Them Right" album marks Apple Gabriel's return to prominence!! Well done Not Easy At All Productions, JahSolidRock and, last but not least Albert "Apple Gabriel" Craig.