Album review
Tella Like It Is
Sylvia Tella
Livingroom Records
13 - 09 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. More With The Times
  2. I Don't Know Why
  3. I Wonder If He Knows
  4. Plastic Smile
  5. Wake Up
  6. I Feel Joy
  7. One Night Love Affair
  8. Food Of Life
  9. Heartbreak Hotel
  10. No Doubt...About It
  11. Things May Come Things May Go
  12. Hold On Just Keep The Faith
  13. Turn Your Lights
  14. I Want Hime More 'Remix'
  15. Time Will Tell
  16. Turn Your Lights 'Interlude'
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Sylvia Tella's career spans over two decades. She was born in Manchester, Engeland and began singing at the tender age of seven. At thirteen she entered a talent contest at the Russell Club in Manchester, which she won. She started touring worldwide when she was fifteen and since then she had numerous hits like Spell, Happy Home, Mother Nature, Jamaica Land and There Is No Love. She's the winner of several awards : Best Female Vocalist at Engeland's People's Reggae Awards, and in 1998 she was pronounced winner of the first Black Women's Achievement Award.
Her current album is a fine collection of songs, ranging from lovers rock tunes to roots and culture songs. Blessed with a stirring emotional voice she's capable of delivering songs that make a more than solid impression. The opening track is wonderful tune, dealing with a love that is about to end. The next tune I Don't Know Why is an equally fine lovers tune and the same goes for I Wonder If He Knows. Track 4, Plasic Smile is the masterpiece of the album. It's a song produced by Stingray, who has used the same riddim for Luciano's God & King. Wake Up is about 'waking up and facing reality...now is the time'. What comes next -I Feel Joy- is a real treat, her praising of the Father across a solid riddim is another highlight of the album. 'Music is the food life'...who can deny this ? Listen to Food Of Life and you'll know why !
Next comes Sylvia's soulful rendition of Whitney Houston's Heartbreak Hotel, followed by the lovers tune No Doubt. The next two songs -Things May Come & Hold On Just Keep The Faith- are two excellent reality tunes produced by UK's most prolific riddim section, Mafia and Fluxy. Bob Marley's Turn Your Lights Down Low with its distince arrangement, includes a nice violin solo. The next tune -Want Him More- is a soulful R&B orientated duet with Major Damage.
With "Tella Like It Is" Sylvia Tella definitely delivers one of her best albums ever. Check this one out..trust me !

Teacher & Mr. T.