Album review
Test Rastafari
Tallkorn Records-Reggae One Luv
24 - 04 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Test Rastafari
  2. Back Raw
  3. Rastafari Never Warn You
  4. Mad City
  5. Verona
  6. Adam In The Garden
  7. Scavenger Style
  8. Walk Good
  9. Clock On The Wall
  10. Don't Blame It On Me
  11. Hitchin A Ride
  12. Sadness
  13. Shatter Down
  14. Mr. Norman
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

Shedrock (real name Rupert Patrick Simpson), born Jamaican, comes up with his debut CD of 11 songs. He was born in St. Catherine's Parish in a place called Garden Pen. He moved to Spanish Town as a youth and played in hotel bands throughout his youth. Lee Perry recorded some of his early works and had them distributed in England by 3rd World distributors. Ocho Rios is home to Shedrock and his posse, Positive Force. It's a very tight band that dips into different bags as you can hear on this debut set. A lot of rock and pop influences are included in the songs here. The main ingredient is reggae music, check out songs like Walk Good, Test Rastafari and the excellent tune Back Raw. Soca influences are present in Sadness. His vocal delivery is powerful and the band lays down a massive wall of sound. To us highlights on the album are Verona and Don't Blame It One Me.
Shedrock's CD "Test Rastafari" is an interesting debut set.

Teacher & Mr. T.