Trevy Felix
Wikkid Records
CD / Digital Release
March 23, 2015

Track list
  1. Everyday
  2. God, Country And King
  3. Gunshot Again
  4. Man Unkind
  5. Money God
  6. Munotinzwa
  7. Resistance
  8. Bone Dubbing
  9. Superstar
  10. 10,000 Dubplates
  11. Whole World Black
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 5
When BOOM SHAKA is mentioned within music circles, the upmost respect and admiration stands predominant. The Roots unit has spread its message from the US to China; from Europe to Africa and South America. Its founder RAS TREVY FELIX is one of the most dynamic singer/songwriter and producer in the business. His long anticipated sophomore solo album, "RESISTANCE" has just been released. An absolutely flawless and engaging Roots affair that culminates his tremendous vision and decades of experience...

Trevy Felix hails from Dominica (same village as legendary Rootsman Harry Mo). In the late 70's, he and his brother Ray migrated to Los Angeles. They formed Boom Shaka in the mid 80's and released the rare "Dig A Dis Dig A Dat"/Ponderous" single. Their debut album, "Creation" (1987) is quite simply one of the most powerful Roots albums crafted on US soil! It remained on the charts for months. Their earliest shows in L.A and San Diego remain as some of the most memorable shows of the 1980's. Joe Higgs "The Godfather Of Reggae" recognized Trevy's presence and saw the spirit of Peter Tosh embedded within. The group followed up with a slew of incredible albums. "Best Defenses" (1992) "Freedom Now" (1996) "Rebel Lion" (1998) and "Fertile Ground" (2005). For most of their career, the group was composed of an incredible lineup. Talking about Lesterfari, Ray Felix, Shakaman, Harry Mo, Fabian Cooke and Binghy Cornwall. Trevy set up Hen House Productions and utilized his skills to launch the career of Ras Mikey Gamboa (ISOULJAHS) and serious works from Floyd Red Crow Westerman (to name a few). Trevy released his solo debut, "African Roots" (Hen House, 2007); an astounding acoustic masterpiece. He relocated to Dominica and has travelled to Africa but has never stopped recording and giving forward to the Roots community. Maximum respect to Trevy, Harry Mo and RCola Junglex for the good vibes and Wikkid Records for believing in such a magnificent artiste.

"Resistance" is an international affair with recording taking place in Dominica, California and JA. It features a stellar ensemble of singers, musicians and producers. Talking about Sly & Robbie, Sticky Thompson, Bo Pee, Wadi Gad, legendary axeman Johnny Token, Binghy Cornwall, Carlton Sharpe (Redemption 7 Fold) and Ezzy Judah (Caribbean Pulse). Great backing vox from Lymie "Deeper Roots" Murray, Karen Grant (Andrew Tosh) and Lady Dread. Masterful production from Trevy, Clive "Azul" Hunt and David Norland.

Everyday delivers on a high level. Trevy rolls across a textured riddim that showcases his sheer vocal power that's totally original but comparable to Peter Tosh. Karen Grant offers added dimension to make this totally engaging from the first note. God, Country And King is Royal anthem. Opening with beautiful acoustic vibration, it transforms into a rock solid classic with help from Wadi Gad, Ezzy Judah and Mr. Cornwall. So much power and conviction with superior songwriting and arrangement. This stands on fertile ground! Gunshot Again is pure fyah. Over a sparse yet bubbling riddim, Trevy delivers with raw emotion that will bring you to full attention. Angelic backing vox from Lady Dread. Boomshot! Man Unkind is pure reality. "You see mankind put Jah Love on a shelf to achieve material wealth". This is Rootsman territory that Trevy trods with true authority. Money God features the mastery of Carlton Sharpe. A progressive cut that's straight no chaser. Could easily fit on a Boom Shaka album and a song that gets better with repeated listening. Shows his production skills are top ranking. Munotinzwa is simply amazing. The magic of Michael Ngonidzashe and Chinyamurindi is sheer brilliance! An immense track that has a African Roots sessions feel to it and perhaps a reflection of his journey to Mother Africa. Totally heartical with a nice dash of guitar and triumphant harmony. Top a top!

Resistance is top ranking. The backbone of Sly & Robbie, Sticky, Bo Pee and Lymie Murray is a great platform that fits Trevy just nice. He abounds like a Lion and delivers words of wisdom with Heart and Soul. Serious matter delivered with intelligency. Bone Dubbing is a rocking good time! Features serious licks from Johnny Token and bubbling from Binghy Cornwall; this track shows the versatility of Mr. Felix. Totally original with nuances of Boom Shaka. Instant rewind. Superstar goes far. Over an electrified riddim, Trevy goes into territory that's pleasing for all music lovers. Great blend of different styles that's expertly produced by veteran David Norland. 10,000 Dubplates is dynamic music indeed! Sly & Robbie and Johnny Token offer up the niceness that Trevy rides like a flowing waterfall. "10,000 Dubplates sent down to Babylon to mash down wicked sound". This is Kingly observation delivered with pure style and masterclass. Whole World Black encompasses the true vision of Trevy Felix all the way. A worldly view delivered on a flawless riddim. This Rootsman from the hills possesses one of the most resonating and emotional voices in Reggae Music. Not afraid to use it but never tries to outdo himself. Humbleness abounds...

"Resistance" is a tour de force. It's been seven years since Trevy Felix has released an album and it's been well worth the wait! His time away from the bustle of city living has served him well. He has delivered an album that is Roots and Branches and manages to integrate other musical stylings in a subtle and formidable approach. Trevy Felix fronted one of the most successful Roots bands of recent times and could have signed with a big label. He has always stayed true to his Roots and gives back to the community in so many ways. Don't hesitate to pick up this instant classic that fires on all cylinders. The legacy of Trevy Felix continues. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!