Album review
The Beat Goes On
Tanto Metro & Devonte
VP Records-Walboomers Music
06 - 10 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Teaser
  2. Give It To Her
  3. Love Me Forever
  4. Fling It Up (Gangster Gal)
  5. Suzie
  6. One Girl - Not Me featuring Beenie Man
  7. Real Bad Man
  8. Jackie
  9. Dancehall Vibes (The Beat Goes On)
  10. Double Jeopardy
  11. Coolest Black Brother
  12. The Story (Get It On)
  13. The Ride
  14. Tia Maria (featuring Mega Banton)
  15. Crazy
  16. Eye To Eye
  17. Sometimes
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Dancehall duo of deejay Tanto Metro and sweet-voiced singer Devonte emerged in the second half of the nineties when they burst upon the dancehall reggae scene in 1998 with their huge crossover hit song entitled "Everyone Falls In Love". The hits kept coming and in 1999 VP Records released the popular duo's debut album, "Everyone Falls In Love" which earned them awards and international notoriety. Since then they have been flinging out hits left and right for a variety of top producers on many of the hottest riddims (individually and as a duo). Now Tanto Metro and Devonte return with their second album, "The Beat Goes On", actually again a compilation of their well known hits as well as newly recorded tracks.
Right from the start the listener is treated to that special blend of smooth harmonies and ragga deejay lyrics that have made them stars. The Richard Martin produced hit "Teaser" across the "Scotch Bonnett" riddim and "Give It To Her" on the infectious "Liquid" riddim for producer Jeremy Harding are great efforts and real dancefloor fillers. Also "Love Me Forever" on the "Rice and Peas" riddim can be regarded as a solid dancehall tune. With the "Bulby" York & "Fatta" Marshall produced "Fling It Up (Gangster Gal)" the dancehall mood slightly changes as the riddim track asks for a more hardcore dancehall approach. Then the Richard "Shams" Browne produced tune "Suzie" on the "Orgasm" riddim and the Shocking Vibes produced "One Girl - Not Me" across the "Extasy" riddim. Both are decent efforts, but it's "Real Bad Man" that fully displays the duo's ability to deliver a truly wicked hit tune. "Jackie" and "Dancehall Vibes (The Beat Goes On)" are enjoyable tracks, which are followed by the above par "Double Jeopardy" and the solid - Donovan Germain produced - "Coolest Black Brother". "The Story (Get It On") is reminiscent of Beenie Man's "Nuff Gal" from a couple of years ago, definitely not a tune that will caress the ears of the true dancehall fan. However with their next tune entitled "The Ride" Tanto Metro & Devonte return to what they can do best: deliver a solid R&B flavoured dancehall piece. Rounding out the set are "Tia Maria", "Crazy", "Eye To Eye" and the slow-paced lovers tune "Sometimes" which all are nice Tanto Metro & Devonte songs.
"The Beat Goes On" contains nuff dancehall hits and niceness to please the dancehall fan.

Teacher & Mr. T.