The Best Of Delroy Wilson: Original Eighteen Deluxe Edition
Delroy Wilson
September 25, 2006

Delroy Wilson - The Best of Delroy Wilson - Original Eighteen Deluxe Edition Track list
  1. Riding For A Fall
  2. Run Run (Extended Mix)
  3. Feel The Spirit
  4. Get Ready
  5. Troubled Man
  6. True Believer In Love
  7. Ungrateful Baby
  8. Run For Your Life
  9. Gonna Make It
  10. Conquer Me
  11. Someone's Gonna Cry
  12. It's Impossible
  13. I Love You Madly
  14. Rain From The Skies
  15. I Don't Know Why
  16. Run Run (Original Mix)
  17. Easy Snappin'
  18. One Last Kiss
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Delroy Wilson's compilation of Studio One recordings entitled "The Best Of Delroy Wilson: Original Twelve " was originally reissued on cd by Heartbeat Records in 1991. Fifteen years later it resurfaces in the label's acclaimed Studio One re-release series, now with six bonus tracks, new liner notes, improved sound quality, and re-titled "The Best Of Delroy Wilson: Original Eighteen Deluxe Edition".

As a young teen, Delroy Wilson got his start under the tutelage of Coxsone Dodd in the Ska days and soon became an acclaimed star (he was actually Jamaica's first child star). As he recalls in 'The Rough Guide To Reggae': "My recording I started when I was about twelve. We went to Coxsone, me and another singer. He came to my mum and asked if he could take me to Coxsone, and we went down and started singing. But Coxsone didn't like his singing. Coxsone took me to one side and gave me five shilling, and say I must come back another day. So Coxsone say I must come to Federal. But I was little so they put me on a Red Stripe beer box, and I sing my first song. And after that another song, and then it became a hit -- 'Spit In The Sky'."

Delroy Wilson developed into one of Jamaica's great soul singers and one of reggae music's most beloved artists and songwriters. His prolific career spanned the musical eras of ska, rocksteady, early reggae and modern reggae and was only cut short when he tragically passed away in 1995.

This compilation set gathers some of the best rocksteady material he recorded for Coxsone Dodd. The strong album opener, "Riding For A Fall", and the matching "Run Run" are appealing emotive love songs that belong to Delroy Wilson's most popular tunes of the rocksteady era.

Almost every track included here can be regarded as a true classic, featuring spirited, soulful vocal performances over some of the Soul Vendors' most infectious riddims. Delroy Wilson particularly shines on gems like "True Believer", "Run For Your Life", "Conquer Me", "It's Impossible", "Someone's Gonna Cry", "I Don't Know Why" (aka "Movie Star") and "Rain From The Skies". Do check "Run Run (Original Mix)", which actually happens to be the excellent roots tune "One One". This highly recommended compilation closes off with the rare ska tune "One Last Kiss".