The Forgotten Man
I Kong
Gee Cee Marketing / I Kong Music
February 4, 2008

Track list
  1. Wolves In Sheep Clothing (Remix)
  2. A Soldier Went To War
  3. Ghetto Cry (Remix)
  4. Set Jah People Free
  5. Zion's Pathway
  6. The Way It Is (Remix)
  7. The Forgotten Man (A Tribute To Yahweh Ben Yahweh)
  8. Jah Light
  9. Ode To Africa
  10. Love Was (A Tribute To Sonny Bins)
  11. Babylon Walls (Remix)
  12. Life's Road (Remix)
  13. Can't Get Over Losing You
  14. Chinese Jade
  15. The Way It Is (Original)
  16. Zion's Pathway (Remix feat. M-WA)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : -
Widely regarded as a mysterious singer, I Kong (formerly known as Ricky Storme) is one of those distinctive rasta singers from the 1970s, who recorded on a more occasional basis than many of his contemporaries. Like a few others, including Little Roy and Fred Locks, he reached cult status in the international reggae scene due to the release of a few remarkable roots songs. The latter include the haunting "The Way It Is" on the Top Cat label, which became a favourite of Lloydie Coxsone's sound in London, "Life's Road" and "Trod Along (Zion's Pathway)".

After a far too long hiatus he's back in business with an authorized CD-R (!), which brings the avid fan a mixed bag of re-recorded, new and vintage material. After having spun this album several times, we still have mixed feelings, mainly because of the lacklustre backing quite a few tracks. After all these years I Kong's voice sounds great as ever, and also lyrically his songs are above par. This alone makes it worthwhile to have him back. The inclusion of memorable classic songs like "Zion's Pathway" and "The Way It Is" is simply great and a real joy. A few remixed songs, including "Babylon Walls" and the superb "Life's Road", are good efforts and thus also worth of hearing. Highlights from the newer material are "Jah Light", "Ode To Africa" and the moving "Love Was (A Tribute To Sonny Bins)".

After having heard this album, one can only hope I Kong will get the opportunity to record an album with some of Jamaica's finest veteran musicians. Pretty sure it's going to be an excellent roots set.