Album review
The Further You Look / Dusty Roads
John Holt
Trojan Records

Tracking list

  1. The further you look
  2. I sing my song
  3. Never let me go
  4. Saying my love
  5. I won't come in
  6. Just let me know
  7. I'm a rover
  8. Open the door
  9. I'll be there
  10. Memories by the score
  11. I'll always love you
  12. I wanna dance
  13. Tell me why
  14. After all
  15. I don't mind
  16. Not so close
  17. I'll light your fire
  18. You'd better take time
  19. Dusty roads
  20. These old memories
  21. In the middle of the night
  22. Make this young lady mine
  23. I won't let you forget
  24. The same old thing
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3

John Holt, one of reggae music's most prolific artists, has recorded for dozens of producers : C.S. Dodd, Duke Reid, Bunny Lee, Jojo Hoo Kim, just to name a few. His contribution to the development of reggae music is unmeasurable, and he is one of the few artists who had some cross-over hits. In the early seventies John Holt teamed up with a reggae-loving Englishman called Tony Ashfield. Together they formed Chaguaramas Recording Productions with the aim of combining the energy of reggae with the sophistication of pop. Trojan Records reissues the first and the third album - being the result of the collaboration between John Holt and Tony Ashfield - on one CD. This album displays the vocalists' versatility with a focus on originals as well as cover versions of pop and R & B songs. The rhythms sound very polished and sophisticated due to the orchestration over-dubs. This is "pop-reggae" from a singer who has been on top for many, many years.

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