The Future
Lustre Kings-Charm UK
August 2, 2005

Track list
  1. Go And Tell The World
  2. Bad In The Past
  3. Life Over Death
  4. Music Is Life
  5. Nah Bluff
  6. If You Were Mine
  7. Let's Get It On
  8. We Need Liberation feat. Digital Ancient
  9. Selassie's The Way
  10. Rainbow In The Sky
  11. We Are feat. Higher Trod
  12. Gone With The Wind
  13. Revolution Pon Di Wicked
  14. All I Require
  15. Join Us
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
"The Future" is one of the five Turbulence albums released in 2003, the artist's most prolific year so far when it comes to album releases. Produced by Digital Ancient, Dr X, King Corrin and Zion High of the 'Lustre Kings' label -- but released on Jet Star's subsidiary label 'Charm' -- "The Future" is one of the best albums the exciting singjay from the Hungry Town district of Kingston has delivered so far. Turbulence (real name Sheldon Campbell) treats the listener to a well varied collection of tunes -- actually a mix of roots, lovers rock, dancehall, and hip-hop -- offering something for everyone's taste. As always armed with conscious lyrics and a love of expression that allows him the freedom to sing, chant or deejay at will, he sounds equally at home on the wide range of backdrops he has to ride. Those who like to hear the more orthodox, "live" rootsy riddims underpinning Turbulence's efforts will be well-pleased and satisfied with tracks such as "Go And Tell the World", "Nah Bluff", "We Need Liberation", "Revolution Pon Di Wicked" (across the "Alarm Clock" riddim) and catchy former single, "Bad In The Past". The dancehall fan will surely enjoy "Life Over Death" and "Selassie's The Way", while those who are fond of hip-hop reggae should check out "Rainbow In The Sky", "We Are", and "Join Us". Also matters of the heart can be found here expressed through lovers tunes like "All I Require" and "If You Were Mine". Besides its instrumental diversity the strength of this album comes from a new dimension to Turbulence's vocals. Here he showcases that he's not only a powerful deejay, but clearly also has a beautiful singing voice. If you love modern roots but appreciate freshness, then don't overlook this Turbulence album.