Album review
The Highest Heights
Mikey D
Big Scope Records
May 10, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Fiesta
  2. Assassinate A Sound
  3. Thursday Night (Remix)
  4. Girl I've Got A Date
  5. How Could I
  6. Bella
  7. Come Have Some Fun (Remix)
  8. The Highest Heights
  9. Wisom (Remix)
  10. No Gi Me No Crack (Remix)
  11. Don't Cry
  12. Raindrops Keep Falling
  13. Tell Me Why
  14. Wasting Time
  15. Sunshine Of My Life
  16. Fiesta (Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Even though the name of Michael Dawkins aka Mikey "D" may not sound familiar to the international reggae massive he's definitely not a newcomer in the music business. In the eighties he used to sing and chat on local sound systems in Kingston, Jamaica WI. Presented with the opportunity to become a DJ for the sound, which he turned down, deciding that he was going to put chatting aside and concentrate totally on singing. In 1982, he met producer Barry Clark, who taught him about writing lyrics, but never got the chance to produce him because he was getting ready to move to the US. Mikey "D" first released "Don't Give Me No Crack" on the Ruff & Tuff label in 1987 and had a series of singles after that, including "Assassin" & "Thursday Night", a maxi single released on the Infinity label in 1991. "Thursday Night" received extensive air play on Irie FM, Kingston, Jamaica WI. His next release was in 1994 when Top Notch Records released the single "Wisdom". The last release on the Top Notch label was a maxi single titled "Hold Up Ya Hand" with a bonus track called "Come Have Some Fun", unleashed in 2001.
Now Big Scope Records (straight outta Duhaney Park, Kingston, Jamaica) has put out the 16 track compilation cd "The Highest Heights". The listener is treated to a diverse collection of tunes which show influences from various types of music, such as house music, reggae, hip-hop and R&B. Most of the songs are featured on this album are devoted to the ladies including the cover of Alton Ellis' "Girl I've Got A Date", "Donít Cry", "Tell Me Why" and "Sunshine Of My Life". A few other tracks, such as the title track "The Highest Heights", the outstanding "Wisdom", and "No Gi Me No Crack", show that Mikey "D" is able to explore other themes in a fully convincing way. "The Highest Heights" Mikey "D" is a decent album with nuff entertaining tracks. The only minus is the quality of some of the riddim tracks that underpin Mikey's solid vocal delivery. They are truly weak and sound like "demo tracks" that have been recorded in a "home" studio.

Teacher & Mr. T.