Album review
The Journey
Gee Street / V2 / Shang - Reggae One Luv

Tracking list

  1. Rude Boy
  2. Fell In Love feat. Peter Morgan of Morgan Heritage
  3. Country Journey
  4. Dear Dad
  5. Return Of A King
  6. Emperor
  7. Party's Son
  8. Hi-Way
  9. Tom Drunk
  10. No Faith
  11. Your Love
  12. Fire Fire
  13. Warriors
  14. Lord Is My Shepherd
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

To many reggae fans, including ourselves, Ky-mani's second album is actually his real first delivery as the 1997 released "Like Father And Son" actually cannot be regarded as a true debut album of this young singer since it's more likely that Rhino U.K. released demo tracks without any permission to do so. Furthermore the album only featured cover versions of Ky-mani's father Bob Marley.
The songs on "The Journey" are all fresh originals with only "Party's On" containing a portion of "I Can't Go For That" by the US pop duo Hall & Oates and "Dear Dad" having a portion of Crazy Baldheads" performed by Bob Marley & The Wailers. When it comes to his vocal performance one can notice that Ky-mani's voice has an utterly natural sense of phrasing and inflection. His critical acclaimed "Dear Dad" single for Shang Records sold extremely well and is included here alongside a great combination with Peter from the Morgan Heritage on "Fell In Love". Furthermore Ky-mani delivers brooding, introspective sounding tracks like "Tom Drunk" and "Return Of A King", the latter containing spoken word material of Bob Marley. Besides that the album features also lighter stuff as can be witnessed when spinning tracks like "Country Journey", "Party's On" and "Hi-Way". No doubt the more "roots 'n' culture" oriented reggae fan will be pleased hearing Ky-mani perform killer roots material like his current single "Rude Boy", "Emperor" - betraying the influence of Capleton and Sizzla - and the outrageously original cut "No Faith".
Although every song on "The Journey" definitely has that Reggae vibes, Ky-mani's music explores all types of sounds : Reggae, Hip-hop, R&B, Country and Pop. It not only makes this young artist very diverse, but it also makes "The Journey" an album that can appeal to a broad audience as there's truly a sound and song for everyone !

Teacher & Mr. T.