The Sacred Art Of Dub
Alpha & Omega Meets The Disciples
November 29, 1998

Track list
  1. Prowling Lion
  2. Philosophers Stone
  3. Philosophers Dub
  4. Dancing On A Rainbow
  5. Seven Colours Of Dub
  6. Elixir
  7. No Peace In The City
  8. Many Stories To Be Told
  9. Book Of Dub
  10. Poor Man's Prayer
  11. Poor Man's Dub
  12. The Oracle
  13. The Tabernacle
  14. Roaring Lion
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5
The album The Sacred Art Of Dub is a unique project, for it brings together two of UK's leading dubbands -Alpha & Omega and The Disciples- remixing each other's classic tunes to produce fourteen mesmerising takes on heavyweight dub. Both bands are famous for their spiritually charged roots reggae and have released some breathtaking dub-anthems in the last 10 years.

Alpha & Omega are Christine Woodbridge and John Sprosen. In the mid 80s they started their career foundin the Roaring Lion studio - named after the South West's leading reggae sound sytem. Up till now they have released an impressive 13 albums, thus creating a loyal following spanning the reggae, college and trip-hop community.

The Disciples, along with their Boomshackalacka soundsystem have had a major influence on UK roots music in the last ten years. Next to their constant presence on the soundsystem scene they also ran a succesful reggae magazine.

The fourteen remixes of each other's tracks include The Disciples remix of Alpha & Omega's classic cut 'Rastafari' -here entitled Elixir- and Alpha & Omega's remix of Prowling Lion and Poor Man's Prayer. The result of their collaboration is an outstanding and woofer-testing set, showcasing the highlights of both bands.