Album review
The Voice Of The Rastaman II
Ras Tesfa
Inlight Records - Reggae One Luv

Tracking list

  1. Sufferer's Blues
  2. Suffer Not The Children
  3. Another Brother Died (For Peter Tosh)
  4. Up Ye Mighty Race
  5. Family Of Man
  6. Word To Mama
  7. From Me To You
  8. This Dub
  9. Me Gusta Bailar (I Like To Dance)
  10. Come A Little Bit Closer
  11. Are You Living
  12. Come Rastafari Come
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

That Ras Tesfa is a many-sided artist is obvious by taking one look at his curriculum vitae. He is an actor who has appeared on and off-Broadway and in the NBC television series "Law And Order". He is also an author who has penned and published "The Living Testament of Rasta-For-I", and a poet known for his unforgettable "Rasta Is Reality" poem/poster. As a playwright he wrote and produced the critically acclaimed AUDELCO awarded musical "Rasta". Besides that he is also a singer who is regarded the pioneer of Reggae/Salsa having recorded "Me Gusta Bailar" ("I Like To Dance"), the first hybrid recorded in 1988. "The Voice Of The Rastaman II", his second album to date, showcases that Ras Tesfa has an artificial voice, which limits his vocal abilities. In this case one has to search for other elements to keep oneself involved till the very end. So, it's obvious that the strength of a full-length album from a limited singer depends on the lyrics and the riddims. And indeed, both have plenty power and quality to make it worthwhile to listen to this album. Ras Tesfa delivers great, self-penned lyrics - only "Come A Little Bit Closer" is a cover song - and the musicians involved provide fresh, mainly danceable "live played" riddims. Our personal favorites are "Another Brother Died (For Peter Tosh), "Up Ye Mighty Race" and "From Me To You".

Teacher & Mr. T.