This Is... Agustus Pablo
Augustus Pablo
Kaya / Tropical Records / Heartbeat
February, 1975

Track list
  1. Dub Organizer
  2. Please Sunrise
  3. Point Black
  4. Arabian Rock
  5. Pretty Baby
  6. Pablo In Dub
  7. Skateland Rock
  8. Dread Eye
  9. Too Late
  10. Assignement No. 1
  11. Jah Rock
  12. Lovers Mood
Pablo, real name Horace Swaby, plays piano, clavinet, organ, and melodica, notably the latter. His rise to roots reggae cult fame in Jamaica began in 1972 with "Java". It was best intrumental of the year, and since then his live appearances and his recorded melodica workouts have been a major musical stimulant to ghetto youth in Kingston, New York, London, Birmingham... all over. The rhythm musicians on his recordings are always good and the prominence of drum and bass, which his audience love so much, is always a special feature. This is sound system music: you`ll never hear it on the radio - not unless Pablo has a hit, which seems unlikely. Nevertheless, the music is good, and occasionally quite moving, as in the dramatic "Dub Organizer" and "Assignment No. 1", or in the intense "Arabian Rock" with its powerful rhythms, and the joyous "Jah Rock". The melodic bass playing of Wailer Family Man is excellent throughout (he also plays rhythm guitar comfortably enough) and Lloyd Adams` drumming is just as good. Even if you`re not a reggae fanatic you`re bound to find this music interesting if you give it a chance.