Album review
3 Wise Men Vol. 2
Luciano, Sizzla, Junior Kelly & Qshan Dia
J & D Records-Walboomers Music
24 - 06 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Luciano - Live In Concert
  2. Luciano - Visions
  3. Luciano - Enough Is Enough
  4. Luciano - Come Away
  5. Luciano - Saturday Night
  6. Sizzla - Life
  7. Sizzla - Mind Over Matter
  8. Sizzla - Keep It Real
  9. Sizzla - Show Off
  10. Junior Kelly - Gideon Red
  11. Junior Kelly - A Place For Rasta
  12. Junior Kelly & Anthony Malvo - Identify
  13. Junior Kelly - You Can Make it
  14. Qshan Dia - I Rejoice
  15. Qshan Dia - Face Reality
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Follow-up to the 1999 released "3 Wise Men" album which featured fifteen tracks from Luciano, Sizzla and Anthony B. Once again fifteen tracks on the second installment from big names Luciano and Sizzla, rising star Junior Kelly and - probably as a kind of bonus - impressive newcomer Qshan Dia. Most of the material featured on this compilation set only appeared on 7" singles and, until now, wasn't available on any other format. After a short, non-essential sequence of Luciano's "Live In Venezuela" album, the first real tune entitled "Visions" drops in. Produced by C. & R. McLeod of UK's "Stingray" team - undoubtedly representing the best of modern British reggae production - Luciano delivers a great piece in which the Messenger sounds back to his old, incomparable self. This standout tune is followed by the solid "Enough Is Enough" and the awesome "Come Away", before the rub-a-dub tune "Saturday Night" completes Luciano's set in fine style. For "Life" Sizzla rides the very same backdrop as Luciano utilized for "Saturday Night". It's a nice effort but it not until his next piece "Mind Over Matter" that his flame starts burning fiercely. With "Keep It Real" and "Show Off" Sizzla delivers matching cuts. Junior Kelly comes in strong with the outrageous "Gideon Red", which fully showcases the cultural singjay's talent for forging memorable melody lines. His next three pieces - including the combination with Anthony Malvo - maintain the high quality standard, thus making every Junior Kelly track a winner and very enjoyable to listen to. The compilation set rounds off with two cuts from Qshan Dia, the killer tune "Rejoice" - underpinned by Stingray's "People's Choice" riddim - and the excellent Face Reality". Production work on "3 Wise Men Vol. 2" is carried out by C. & R. McLeod ("Stingray"), Chris "Goldfinger" Clarke, Gary Tomlinson & Michael Nugent (Spragga Roots), Dane Moo-Young & Fabian Francis (Weeded Records), George Miller (Firehouse Crew Productions), Mikey Johnson (Lion Paw Productions), Anthony Lilly & Conrod Green (Harmodio Records) and Derrick Moo-Young.

Teacher & Mr. T.