Augustus Pablo
July 1975

Track list
  1. Pablo Nuh Jester
  2. Fat Girl Jean
  3. Marcus Garvey
  4. Rocky Road
  5. Skibo Rock
  6. Thriller
  7. Pablo In Red
  8. Pablo Style
  9. Last Of The Jestering
  10. Striker
Four star music featuring the youth they call Pablo. Augustus and his melodica, blowing from within the confined area of his introverted soul. Or Pablo on piano, tinkling away to his heart`s content like he`s just discovered how much he likes the instrument.

"Pablo Nuh Jester", a version of Big Youth`s "Natty No Jester", itself a version of Carl Malcolm`s "No Jestering". Version upon version. In this sense Pablo`s not too original. Then there`s Burning Spear`s "Marcus Garvey" and "Foggy Road"(twice, once on melodica the other on piano). Pablo is fortunate, too, to have had such good musicians behind him consistently. And that miraculous engineer King Tubby chose to use Augustus to emphasise his "new" style of JA sounds. A mixture of distortion and echo punctuating phrases and emphasising instruments here and there. Almost making Pablo and his melodica sound like they belong in another world. When you work the bass and treble up and down alternately (there`s a skill to it) you`ll get the desired effect.

This album is a thriller, the only error being "Pablo Style" a vapid version of "Everything I Own". Good Stuff.