Vybz Kartel
Father & Son Records
March 10, 2004

Track list
  1. Maths Automatic feat. Bounty Killer
  2. My Hubby
  3. Big Man A Big Man
  4. Nah Climb feat. Ward 21
  5. Gal Catalog
  6. Kartel Reveal It
  7. Stop Nuh Look Nuh Listen
  8. A Dem Alone
  9. Di Subject
  10. Money And Gyal
  11. How We Roll
  12. Hot Gal
  13. Hot Crew
  14. Ready Fe Buss It
  15. Transelator
  16. Face Off feat. Wayne Marshall and Zumjay
  17. Caught Up feat. DaVille
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Besides Sean Paul, who maintained a strong presence in the dancehalls and achieved superstar status on the international (pop) market, the only hardcore DJs to really emerge on the scene apart from Elephant Man have been Assassin and his 'opponent' Adidja Palmer from Portmore a.k.a. Vybz Kartel, joining the ranks of superstars Buju Banton, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer as non-bobo faction ruling the dancehalls. Greensleeves Records scored big time with Vybz Kartel's mainly Donovon 'Vendetta' Bennett productions for his Don Corleon label featuring "Up 2 Di Time" which even resurfaced with 5 bonus tracks as "More Up 2 Di Time, and as we've gotten used to, there's either no album at all released for a long time, and then suddenly there's a batch. This "Timeless" album, with productions from the Jammy's stable, Baby G, Jam 2, CJ, John John and King Jammy's himself has been slept over in my opinion. Kicking it off is the combination "Maths Automatic" with Bounty Killer over John John's 'Time Bomb'- riddim, followed by "My Hubby" over John John's haunting 'G-String'- riddim. CJ's 'Engine'- riddim is the backdrop for "Big Man A Big Man" before the massive (almost of course) anti-battymen and oral sex combination (Rise Up) "Nah Climb" with Ward 21 over Jam2's 'Amharic' is followed by the Baby G production "Gal Catalog". "Kartel Reveal It" uses the hookline and paraphrases Michael Prophet's seminal "Gunman" over a Jam2 riddim and the heavy string driven "Stop Nuh Look Nuh Listen" is a CJ production that is followed by a Jam2 remake of Hugh 'Redman' James' wicked 1989 'Koloko/Tight Clothes'-riddim for "A Dem Alone". "Di Subject" is an extremely catchy take on Baby G's 'Tixx'-riddim, before Vybz Kartel spits out the lyrics he recycled (for use on the 'Project X'- version) of "Money And Gyal" over CJ's 'Robbery'-riddim and Jam2 taking over for "How We Roll". The mighty King Jammmy himself is at the production helm for "Hot Gal" over the 'Sign'-riddim and after that it's a Jam2 providing the backing for the diss some seh dem inna "Hot Crew" dem a flop crew / dem a tek charity and shut you / but inna reality / dem a no nobody / and everybody see / you a celebrity. "Ready Fe Buss It" is the extremely catchy and convincing take on Baby G's 'Cookie Monster'-riddim followed by the Patrick Howell (@ Jammy's Studio alongside King Jammy and Jam2) produced "Transelator" and the so funky it gets addictive "Face Off" featuring Wayne Marshall and Zumjay (a tune also known as "What You Tasting", taking once again a stance against bowing down), and another big combination "Caught Up" featuring DaVille closes this set that seems even more dedicated to the hardcore dancehall listeners than his Greensleeves album, but if you are a hardcore dancehall listener or do appreciate Vybz Kartel this is still (a year after its release) a must have!