Bring Them Together
The Lambsbread
Jah Youth Productions / Rumble Rockz Recordz
CD / Digital Release
June 29, 2014

Track list
  1. Bring Them Together
  2. Veteran
  3. Strong Rock feat. Perfect Giddimani & Fantan Mojah
  4. Trumpet Sound
  5. Live It Up Again
  6. Natural Mystic Feeling feat. Ras Lil Dread
  7. Stand Firm feat. Prezident Brown
  8. Long Trod
  9. Keep It Blazing
  10. Right Ting
  11. Jah Love Forever
  12. Where Is The Love
  13. Right Thing (Hip Hop Remix)
  14. Sell Off feat. Rastar
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
The Hawaiian Islands have been a long time hot bed of authentic Roots music with message and purpose. Messengers like Roots Gwaan, Ras Enoch and producers Jah Youth and Jimmy Cui are keeping the Fyah burning as hot as bubbling lava. Kauai's premier Roots unit, THE LAMBSBREAD, have been a firmament for over a decade with a level of maturity and INItensity inspired by The Most High. Their fourth full length release "BRING THEM TOGETHER" holds tight and is a testament of Love, Life and Heart...

Kaya and Nadia Rathje comprise The Lambsbread. Kaya's warm and fiery delivery is complemented by Nadia's ethereal and Zionesque harmonies. Their first set "Sing Praise" (2003) and single "Love In The House" (Zion High Productions) instantly drew critical acclaim. Subsequent sets "Salvation" (2006) and "Rise" (2009) furthered with numerous singles and have cemented their Roots credentials. They have had rousing performances with the likes of Midnite, Ky-Mani Marley, Bambu Station, Don Carlos and Yami Bolo and have worked with producers from Hawaii to Miami and Europe to JA. The future shines so bright for THE LAMBSBREAD...

"Bring Them Together" is another ites project from Jeffrey Boehler's Jah Youth Productions; internationally recognized with great collaborations with Daweh Congo, Rob Symeonn, Fikir Amlak and Perfect Giddimani. Jah Youth has wisely teamed up with Jimmy Cui's Rumble Rockz Recordz. Jimmy is a top ranking multi instrumentalist/engineer/producer whose works are of the highest degree. These two recently teamed up for the sensational "Better Off Dread" by Perfect Giddimani. The bulk of the riddims are provided by Jimmy with the able assistance of legendary keyboardist Ansel Collins, King Asad. Great guitars from Tuff Lion, Brian Fontenelle and Desmond Foster. Bass odyssey from Lawrence Mendoza and Jonahgold. Jimmy expertly engineers most of the project except for Nigel Burrell (son of the late "Fattis" Burrell) on the title track. A Roots roster to be reckoned with!

This engaging set opens with the title track and sets an ites tone. Over an organic riddim niced up by Ansel Collins, Kaya and Nadia deliver a pertinent message delivered with warmth and fyah. There's depth and pure emotion in their divine delivery. Boomshot. Veteran is consciousness abound! Legendary chanter Prezident Brown has a long link with this unity and it shows on Kaya's poignant delivery; all very original in the arena! Over a Rumble Rockz riddim with great drums from Jimmy and guitar licks from Tuff Lion, praises to Rastafari are chanted with authority and is a slice of Mt. Zion. Strong Rock features Fantan Mojah and Perfect Giddimani and the trio really flow. A triple threat to wickedness; fine chanting and consciousness is the highest order. Great production and lyrics like "strong rock of Jah Foundation" will resonate. Trumpet Sound rides the "Lola riddim" to the hilt. A triumphant song with great musicianmanship from Matia Gobbo. The album's first single Live It Up Again received massive airplay on Maui's Q103 FM and it's clear to see why. Originally released on Jah Youth's massive "Indo Riddim" album, this Ganja anthem rings so true. Pure champion sound over that now famous riddim featuring the mastery of Sweden's Jonahgold, Robin Cochrane and Desmond Foster. Serious anthem here that's well built. Natural Mystic Feeling featuring Ras Lil Dread has sincere spiritual vibrations on top of a great Jimmy Cui riddim. Kaya and Nadia flow with great harmony and heartically put us in a place away from Babylon. With a slightly polished UK sound, this demands instant rewind.

Stand Firm features the mastery of Prezident Brown and is the second single released from this album. A number one hit on Reggaefrance.com; it really opened up the Heart and Soul of the European massive to Lambsbread's crucial sound. Over a skanking Rumble Rockz riddim, Kaya and Prezident Brown are pure fyah and the harmonies from Nadia and young Lion Samuel Rathje are perfect. Clever songwriting with clear message. Standout selection!! Long Trod shows the versatility of this Roots unit inna singjay style. Lyrics like "in the city..corruption never done" capsulates the intellect and observation of this project. The magic continues with Keep It Blazing. A slow skanker about the forwardness of King's Musik and the reality of the presence of bad minded people. A mature outing that exemplifies the years of exposure and experience. Right Thing ("Stringz" riddim) is a great Lover's track with Rumble Rockz vibration. Great drum and key work with impeccable songwriting and arrangements. This song has verve. Jah Love Forever is crucial! Over a Jimmy Cui built riddim, Kaya and Nadia hark memories of IJahman Levi and Madge's beautiful works. It's that good! A smooth and Dread delivery indeed. Where Is The Love is pure upliftment. A plea for Love throughout Creation over a musical hotbed..."Love is the humble path". This set closes with Sell Off with Rastar. A fiery Dancehall riddim by Rootical Records' David Simmons and Stephen Lashley; it shows that The Lambsbread can genuinely flow across any style with masterclass.

THE LAMBSBREAD's "Bring Them Together" is a Heartical and Rootical affair that brings true message for all to hear. The delivery is ambient with a warm fyah that will warm your soul. The musicianmanship and production is forward and keeps the integrity of Roots Musik on the King's Highway. Artists can establish themselves and carry on with the same material or raise the level on each release. The Lambsbread's vision is wisely the latter. This is their most powerful set to date and it's evident that their love of King's Music is sky high. A masterful release that's a must for your collection and won't gather dust. Highly recommended!! GO DEH!!!