Tommy McCook (aka The Skatalite!)
Tommy McCook
September, 1974

Track list
  1. Yard Broom
  2. Justin Hinds - Carry Go Bring Come
  3. Twelve Minutes To Go
  4. Magic
  5. Strolling In
  6. Dan De Lion
  7. Apanga
  8. Eastern Standard Time
  9. Stranger Cole - Rough & Tough
  10. Musical Store Room
  11. Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd - When You Call My Name
  12. River Bank
Superb album that brings Jamaican rhythm and blues and ska together by way of the fabulous tenor sax player Tommy McCook, a former leader of the Skatalites, and super session musician of the sixtes.

There are three vocal numbers of which "Carry Go Bring Come" and "Rough And Tough" sung by Justin Hinds and Stranger Cole respectively, are brilliant. Brass riffs dominate the background as McCook blows effortlessly but with great technique and control while two of the most unique and celebrated voices of the ska era sing the "blues".

The best instrumental ska numbers here are all prime examples of the kind of music that used to set the dance floors on fire in the hectic heyday of ska. And the R&B instrumental numbers like "Yard Broom", "Magic" and "Strolling In" depict the style of the earliest big bands that were prominent in JA before ska.