Album review
Toe 2 Toe Vol. 8
Lloyd Brown & Peter Hunnigale
Charm-Jet Star
June 4, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Peter Hunnigale - Oh Honey
  2. Lloyd Brown - Slowly But Surely
  3. Peter Hunnigale - Pounds And Dollars
  4. Lloyd Brown - Bring Back The Love
  5. Peter Hunnigale - Sunrise To Sunset
  6. Lloyd Brown - No Way No How
  7. Peter Hunnigale - Can't Hold On
  8. Lloyd Brown - Black Bags
  9. Peter Hunnigale - Wish
  10. Lloyd Brown - Fire And Rain
  11. Peter Hunnigale - Straight Through The Middle
  12. Lloyd Brown - No Watch Dat
  13. Peter Hunnigale - Better World
  14. Lloyd Brown - Knights In White Satin
  15. Peter Hunnigale - Precious Love
  16. Lloyd Brown - Full Hundred
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Easily one of the most anticipated "Toe To Toe" selections for some time. Volume eight in the series brings together two real fine UK reggae artists, the very accomplished singer Lloyd Brown and "Mr. Honey Vibes" Peter Hunnigale. The latter has been right at the top of his game for some time as one of the UK's best known and best-loved reggae singers. Lloyd Brown's profile continues its steep rise as his challenge moves from the national to the international reggae scene.
Lloyd Brown is a great singer who possesses on of the most expressive and soulful voice in reggae, which is fully displayed on the eight tracks that are featured here. His contributions include three former hit singles "Black Bags", "No Watch Dat" and "Full Hundred", in addition to the excellent "Surely But Slowly", the wonderful "No Way No How" and the wicked "Bring Back To Love", which comes over an updated version of Bob Marley's "Natty Dread" riddim. Because Lloyd Brown has proven to be a great songwriter it is somewhat disappointing that the compiler of this set has included the cover tunes "Fire And Rain" (James Taylor) and "Knights In White Satin"" (Moody Blues).
Peter Hunnigale is more than just a singer, since he also plays a variety of live and programmed instruments, runs his own record company and has proven stage and theatrical skills. Here he presents freshly voiced tender love tunes such as "Oh Honey", "Sunrise To Sunset" and "Precious Love", every one of them a real treat for lovers rock fans. But with notable songs like "Straight Through The Middle", Better World" and the uplifting Pounds And Dollars" Peter Hunnigale proves that he's equally at home with reality-based material.
This album fully shows that these two artists deserve their chance of a wider audience, so check it out!

Teacher & Mr. T.