Promo Sampler
Music Factory / Penthouse Music
Pre-release promo copy
March 11, 2009

Track list
  1. Can't Get Me Out
  2. I Need Your Love
  3. No Escape
  4. Red Ya Now
  5. Treat Her Like A Lady
  6. Warn Dem
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : -
Before Torch became the artist that we are familiar with today, a variety of different events occurred in his life, propelling him to make adjustments and develop into the resilient, ambitious, hard-working and extremely talented individual that he is today. Growing up in the rough streets of Trench Town, Torch went against the grain and focused on school and making a good life for himself. He explored his love for music by joining his school choir and then becoming a member of the Little People and Teen Players Club, where he was able to express his creativity, hone his talents and learn the dynamics of voice and performance. Just as he had begun to blossom as an individual and a performer, his mother passed away. Torch's extreme sense of responsibility drove him to temporarily sacrifice his education and his passion for music to seek a job so that he could help himself and his seven other siblings make ends meet.

Torch struggled to resist the call of music, but before long, the call became too great and he relented, taking a job as studio engineer where he could feed his need for music while still earning an income. It was while working at the studio that Torch received the encouragement from his peers that pushed him to embark on his musical journey. Going by the name Honey Comb, he recorded - though underrated and underrecorded - the great "Hurt No More" over Tony Rebel's 'La La Bella'-riddim and it was around that same time when he was recording for Donovan Germain at Penthouse Records that Tony Rebel dubbed him with his current moniker Torch. Since then Torch scored hits with "Quality Time", "Fire Burning" (which became the show opener for Fire Links) and "Learn To Survive" that has been entered in the Jamaica Popular Song Contest.

And now Torch is ready for his next move and this promo sampler for Mario 'Mad Scientist' Lawrence's Music Factory in collaboration with Donovan Germain's Penthouse Records is the first step. It opens with the strong "Can't Get Me Out" - a tune that reminds me of Gentleman's combination with Barrington Levy & Daddy Rings "Caan Hold Us Down" - over the 'Through The Fire'-riddim for Music Factory, followed by the wonderful "I Need Your Love" over Penthouse's superb relick of Jackie Mittoo's 1969 Studio One classic "Freak Out" a.k.a. 'College Rock' and another Penthouse production, the warning that there'll be "No Escape" over the 'Make Ends Meet'-riddim (named after the song by Nicky Burt) in a more singjay/deejay-style that is as convincing as Torch' singing.

Music Factory's 'Chandelier'-riddim is used for the heavily auto-tuned but very strong reality tune "Red Ya Now", followed by "Treat Her Like A Lady", a heartfelt advice to take care of your woman over Penthouse Records' wonderful smooth lovers riddim 'Automatic'and as there are unfortunately only 6 tunes on this sampler, it is closed with the next song "Warn Dem" over Music Factory's very nice 'Mother Land'-riddim. If this promo sampler is any indication we can only hope that Penthouse Records (hopefully in combination with Music Factory) will very soon release Torch' official debut album.