Album review
Total Commitment

Tracking list

  1. Worries And Problems
  2. Fire Bun A Weak Heart
  3. Afraid Of Commitment
  4. Mr. Gunis
  5. Give Jah The Praise
  6. Hard Time
  7. Terrible Ina Di Gideon
  8. Live Your Life Right
  9. Works To Do
  10. Can't Please You
  11. Send Dem Come With I Lue
  12. Babylon Dead
  13. Take It Easy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

At first Bushman didn't get much attention in Jamaica (most likely because he was regarded as an artist who was simply cloning Michael Buckley's vocal style), but after all Bushman managed to gain notable attention outside the Island with his excellent debut album Nyah Man Chant. The album was released in 1996 and produced by Steely & Clevie. After this well received contemporary "reality" album he released some fine 45s, but in fact little was heard of Bushman. It lasted three long years before Bushman delivered his second album, this time for vet producer Lloyd 'King Jammy' James.
Instead of handling the harddriven modern riddims of Steely & Clevie Bushman had to deliver his vocal and lyrical efforts across the more traditional though contemporary sounding rootical riddims to which King Jammy seemingly has returned lately when producing "roots & culture" music. Bushman's vocal performance benefits by the room these style of riddims provide. While listening to the "Total Commitment" set one can witness the progress Bushman has made, vocally and lyrically spoken. His voice sounds deeper and his lyrics are more direct. Of the 13 tracks here only one deals with "love", the rest are "reality" tunes including the two dancehall cuts "Mr. Gunis" and the combination song "Send Dem Come", which both happen to be versions across the hot "Bada Bada" riddim.
"Total Commitment" is a solid and very enjoyable album which includes many noteworthy tracks with "Worries And Problems", "Live Your Life Right", "Works To Do" and "Fire Bun A Weak Heart" - the latter utilizing a revitalized "Hypocrites" riddim - being the standouts.

Teacher & Mr. T.