Trenchtown Mix Up
The Gladiators
November 1976

Track list
  1. Mix Up
  2. Bellyful
  3. Look Is Deceiving
  4. Chatty Chatty Mouth
  5. Soul Rebel
  6. Eli Eli
  7. Hearsay
  8. Rude Boy Ska
  9. Know Yourself Mankind
  10. Thief In The Night
  11. Hello Carol
An album of parables. I love it for its honesty and its country and its bouncing joy. I love it for its melodic hooks, its fresh, natural, straightforward approach, its rock steady roots, its intelligent reasoning, its warm unavoidable humour (a humour out of thin air), its beautiful harmonies. I love it for Sly`s drumming and for Albert`s vocals in particular. "Woe woe wohy, a ya so it a go deh. . ." sings Albert in "Bellyful". It`s a warning, the ominous drumming says so. Where the lyrics are dramatic so the music echoes it. Words and music gel throughout. Trembling guitar picking and send up styled backing vocals reflect the humour in lines like "Cow never know the use of him tail till the butcher cut it of. . .". They sing like school teachers, their songs give advice. "Remember this hearsay, that bush have ears? Pick sense out of nonsense you`ll get the answer / Bush don`t have ears my friend but someone may be in it hearing what you have said about your brothers. . . ." "Know Yourself Mandkind" sold well as a 45 on Prince Tony`s label in JA. It`s a fine fine song. So are they all. Great album. It done too quick though!