Album review
Trix In The Mix Part One
Mad Professor
Ariwa Sounds

Tracking list

  1. Laws Of Nature
  2. Laws Of The Jungle
  3. Operation Trident
  4. Aahhaaah
  5. 2 Step Dub
  6. Little Andy
  7. Declaration Of War
  8. Declaration Of War Mix 2
  9. Pawns in The Game
  10. Catanania Dub
  11. Sapadilla
  12. Nature Reigns
  13. Marabunta Sting
  14. Garvey's Plan
  15. Proton Electron
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

"Trix In The Mix" is the latest Mad Professor dub excursion and at the same moment the first instalment of his brandnew millennium series of albums, following the "Dub Me Crazy" and "Black Liberation" series which both proved very popular in the previous millennium. On this new delivery the Mad Professor doesn't try to explore complete new bounderies as he mainly sticks to his usual dub outings in his own inimitable style, although it's obvious that he does try to add some new elements. These new elements predominantly consist of new tricks in audio technology, pointing into the direction of the future. But you may also reckon the Professor's first steps in dub poetry - as can be witnessed in "Garvey's Plan" - among the novelties on this 15 track CD (12 on the vinyl album). The confrontational dub sound created by the Mad Professor and the few lyrical parts - like for example in the allegorical interlude "Little Andy" with Mad Professor and son Joe Ariwa in a philosophical mode - emphasize the main theme of this album: "reflecting the hostility and general tribulations facing black people in the urban wilderness of the UK today." Thus the Mad Professor continues to tackle a theme that is strongly related to that of his "Black Liberation" series.
"Trix In the Mix" features the voices of Lee Scratch Perry, up-and-coming female singjay Zakeya, Mad Professor, Joe Ariwa and "Wild Animals", the blazing Urban Brass horn section, old school steppers and futuristic dub outings. Best tracks include "Laws Of Nature", "Operation Trident", "Aahhaaah", "Declaration Of War", "Nature Reigns" and "Marabunta Sting".

Teacher & Mr. T.