True Reflections... A New Beginning
Jah Cure
VP Records-Groove Attack
July 27, 2007

Jah Cure Track list
  1. True Reflections
  2. Dem Nuh Build Great Man feat.Fantan Mojah
  3. Longing For
  4. To Your Arms Of Love
  5. What Will It Take
  6. Love You
  7. Same Way
  8. Searching For A Girl
  9. Jamaica
  10. Cease All War
  11. Share The Love feat. Gentleman
  12. Love Is
  13. The Sound
  14. Conga Man
  15. Most High Cup Full
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Coinciding with his long awaited release from prison comes this release of "True Reflections ... A New Beginning", collecting several of the most beautiful singles that were released during the last couple of the 8 years of Jah Cure's incarceration. Enigmatic roots singer Siccature Alcock - popularly known as Jah Cure - for those who don't know, got a 15 year sentence in 1999 after he was found guilty of rape and gun charges. Regardless of wether or not Jah Cure is truly guilty (rumours go that it was a setup initiated by the Jamaican government), it's the young singer's music that has to be judged on its own merits, and will be now that he's finally released. He'll be recording lots of new music very soon, will be performing at the rescheduled Cure Fest, originally planned in August and now taking place on the North Coast of Jamaica in Ocho Rios from October 12th to 14th, but before his first live performance will be in the Netherlands on August 12th at Reggae Sundance.

This album is a perfect set to celebrate his newly gained freedom filled with big tunes only (though most have appeared somewhere else before), Opening this album is the big title tune "True Reflection (Behind These Prison Walls)" over Downsound Records' version of the 'Reflections'-riddim, that is so much better than the Moses Productions version of it, used for all other tunes on 'Reflections', followed by another Downsound production, the 'Sweet Sop', not only backing the then Jamaican chart topping and European dancehalls ruling "Lucky You" by newcomer Nanko, but also this superb Jah Cure & Fantan Mojah combination "Dem Nuh Build Great Man" dem only kill great man and one of his best tunes ever and one of the strongest tunes on an overall brilliant voiced riddim, the superb lovers tune "Longing For", that also reached the No.1 spot in JA, and ruled the airwaves when Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon's first heavy impact one drop riddim 'Drop Leaf' was released. The freshest (sic) tune on this album is Jah Cure's beautiful "To Your Arms Of Love" over the excellent one drop riddim 'Guardian Angel' that Arif 'Fresh Ear' Cooper released this spring, till then also known for straight hardcore dancehall riddims only.

Jah Cure's "What Will It Take", my love, to show you, i'm still in love with you? plea to his woman was recorded over Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris' riddim built round a Spanish acoustic guitar 'Istanbul' and then the two takes on (dancehall DJ) Chad 'Goofy' Simpson's riddims 'Soul Food' consisting of really nothing more than an acoustic guitar so it can hardly be called a riddim and the upful horn embellished 'Gideon' show what a great emotional singer and love-songwriter Jah Cure is, delivering his heartfelt "Your Love" and "Same Way". For Michael 'Mikey John' Johnson's Lion Paw label he recorded late in 2004 the wicked piece of Lovers Rock with i've been "Searching For A Girl" like you over the 'Nine Eleven'-riddim, released by VP Records (probably because of a policy as a NYC label to avoid being drawn into controversy because of the name of the riddim) as 'Lion Paw' named after Mikey John's label.

"Jamaica" is one of Jah Cure's most beautiful tunes and it's almost unbelievable someone allegedly innocent imprisoned in a country would record such a beautiful song of praise for that country, in this case over Danger Zone's 'Sunshine'-riddim, followed by a tune that has (as far as I know) never has been included on an album or compilation before, but that was recorded before Jah Cure went to prison over Stone Love's 'Children Of Israel/Give Me The Right'-riddim turned it into a window rattling thumper, the shining message tune "Cease All War". Germany's leading reggae singer Gentleman joins Jah Cure for the brilliant combination "Share The Love" over Vertex' 'Love Light'-riddim, and the superb "Love Is" was recorded in 2005 over Don Corleon's next equally high praised second one drop riddim 'Seasons', the successor of 'Drop Leaf', dismissed by some as being 'just a 'Drop Leaf' part 2', but this riddim is maybe (if possible) even better than 'Drop Leaf'. Then Jah Cure sings about his love for music in "The Sound" over Danger Zone's 'Turmoil'-riddim (one of the tunes that was included on his combination album with Richie Spice for Jet Star "Toe 2 Toe Vol. IX", the other tunes are "Jamaica" and "Most High Cup Full").

"Conga Man" is Jah Cure's excellent take on Downsound Records' impressive acoustic Nyahbinghi riddim featuring Bongo Herman's percussion alongside Beze's guitar 'Maroon' and the last tune on this great album is the beautiful "Most High Cup Full" over the by BBC 1Xtra's Seani B produced 'Sun Is Shining'-riddim for his Big League label, a superb relick of the classic Bob Marley & the Wailers classic riddim. These 15 all-killer-no-filler tunes makes this "True Reflections ... A New Beginning" album (celebrating Jah Cure's release from prison) a must buy collection, even if you already know or even own most of these tunes.