Truth And Rights
I Roy
Grounation / Micron
March, 1976

Track list
  1. Natty Down De
  2. Dread In The West
  3. Message From The Top
  4. Touting I Self
  5. No Turn Them Back
  6. Every Mouth Must Be Fed
  7. Medley Mood
  8. Straight To The Heathen Head
  9. Teapot
  10. Double Warning
Another step foward by deejay I Roy, one of the big three. His material is always entertaining, he has an arsenal of witty rhymes and is the most literate deejay. His jive talk is always catchy and usually cynical even when he uses black cultural themes like he does lightly here in "Natty Down Deh", which he uses the rhythm of George Dekker`s "Nosey Parker". It is a very entertaining piece.

"Dread In The West" is a stunning combination of Lee Perry`s "Three Blind Mice" and Roy`s pointed, off beat, social comments... "Come down from the hills and take a look in the ghetto, you can see the scenes are awful..." he says in "Every Mouth Must Be Fed" without trace of malice. Instead, he puts himself squarely on the side of the humble man in the street, a sort of cartoon character who accepts his fate saying "Massie me massa... what a trail!" Words of resignation. It`s another great number.

So are "Teapot", his biggest hit last year, and "Double Warning". With his clever combination of improvised humour, great rhythms and intelligent themes, this is the best deejay LP in a long time.