Twice As Nice Volume 2
Mikey Spice & George Nooks
VP Records
June 23, 2005

Track list
  1. Mikey Spice - Showers Of Blessings
  2. Mikey Spice - Glass House
  3. Mikey Spice - Love Grows
  4. Mikey Spice - Step In The Name Of Love
  5. Mikey Spice - Dance With My Father
  6. Mikey Spice - For Ever & Ever
  7. Mikey Spice - Please Be True
  8. Mikey Spice - Losing Me
  9. Mikey Spice - Ballroom Floor
  10. Mikey Spice - Alli Alli Ho
  11. George Nooks - Stand By My Woman
  12. George Nooks - Be Strong
  13. George Nooks - Top Ten
  14. George Nooks - God Bless Our Love
  15. George Nooks - My Children
  16. George Nooks - Never Give Up
  17. George Nooks - So Much Love
  18. George Nooks - You Are Everything
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 3 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
"Twice as Nice Volume 2" is an offering which sees Mikey Spice fill the first 10 tracks and George Nooks the remaining 8 (2003's Vol I having showcased Wayne Wade and Mical Rustle). The blending of these two artists is obvious in so far as they are both smooth, easy-to-listen-to vocalists, however their similarity does mean that the album with eighteen tracks (all at 3 minutes + each) inevitably becomes monotonous.

Spice opens the first half of the album with his warm lovers-rock style and Nooks rounds things off with his more soul/gospel oriented approach; both artists make use of similar light, mellow riddims. My favourite tracks were the opening cut 'Showers of Blessing' from Spice and Nooks cover of 'Stand By My Woman' (Lenny Kravitz?). The main problem is that the rest of the tracks are very 'samey' and tend to blend into one another; with little in the way of experimentation from the backing riddims or the singers themselves.

Overall this album, whilst being relaxing and pleasant, is something of a disappointment - primarily due to the fact that there is virtually no variation in terms of vocals or instrumentation. To anyone whose two favourite artists happen to be Nooks and Spice this album will be a godsend, although I imagine they aren't that great in number. Therefore fans of either artist would surely have been better served by two separate albums with more tracks and which could have provided a more complete example of their individual abilities?