Mission Incomplete
Master One Entertainment
Digital Release
November 29, 2014

Track list
  1. Somewhere In Africa
  2. Silent Warrior
  3. Mama Warn Him
  4. Tears Like Mine
  5. Tell Dem Fi Farm
  6. Burning
  7. Street Life
  8. Try
  9. Wicked Woman
  10. Lips Dem Seal
  11. Back Inna Mi Arms
  12. Stuck In Your Mind
  13. Ball Ground
  14. Have You Lost Somebody
  15. Draw Di Line
  16. Jah Help Mi feat. Mr. Diamond
  17. Piece A Mi Love
  18. Give It To Me feat. Gyptian
  19. Coward
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Total votes : 19
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
After being on our radar since a few years, promising Jamaican singjay Tydal finally comes up with his long awaited and much anticipated full length debut album called "Mission Incomplete", a collection of tunes that has been put out by Kingston based Master One Productions.

It was in 2003, when then 20-year-old Navardo Graham aka Tydal stepped into the studio and recorded "Ghetto Youths Cry" for Sherkan's Tiger Records. The following year he found himself at the studio of his musical idol Buju Banton. He would later record demos, which helped to fuel him even more, especially after being complimented by Buju on his unprecedented talent. In 2008 Tydal recorded a song called "Smile", which received heavy rotation on local airwaves. He later recorded "Ballground" and a collaboration song with Gyptian entitled "Give It To Me". However, it was in the summer of 2012 that he started to attract wider attention with his single "Tell Dem Fi Farm". The latter was followed by "Back In My Arms", "Silent Warrior" and the dancehall oriented "Piece A Mi Love". Earlier this year Master One Productions released a teaser EP called "Journey Of A Young Warrior", which featured 7 songs also included on this debut album.

Although "Mission Incomplete" features no less than 19 tunes, which is a notable amount of tracks for a debut set, there's no real filler included here. This surely says something about the skills, the talent and the maturity of Tydal, who thus fully affirms that he's a very interesting up-and-coming artist. Without any doubt, it's just a matter of time before Tydal takes his place among artists such as Chronixx, Protoje and Pressure Busspipe, the current forerunners in today's Reggae music scene.

"Mission Incomplete" contains tracks with a strong conscious message as well as songs that will surely appeal to those who are fans of romantic tunes. And it's good to hear that Tydal is equally at home with both as this adds a nice variation to this album. It's the beautiful, joyful sounding "Somewhere In Africa", which was done in collaboration with Sam Gilly's House of Riddim outta Austria, that creates a great vibe at the beginning of "Mission Incomplete". Then it's "Silent Warrior" on the awesome "Psalm 41" riddim from Florida-based Train Line Productions that makes a serious impression. Featuring the backing vocals from Digicel Rising Stars finalist Adena Myrie, this hard-hitting song is actually a call for revolution. "People should take a stand for what they believe in and let their voices be heard and not just stay silent, while their leaders mismanage the affairs of the country," says Tydal. Killer tune fi real!! The solid "Mama Warn Him" on the "Baby Mother" riddim from Vikings Productions, followed by the great social commentary of "Tears Like Mine" and the matching "Tell Dem Fi Farm" on the "Focus" riddim round off an excellent opening part of this album.

It's clear that Tydal has no lack of conveying, solid conscious lyrics that keep you involved as again can be heard on the next three reality tunes with in particular "Burning" on the "Loving Lonely" riddim, and "Try" being compelling efforts. Also do check the touching "Ballground", in which Tydal tells the true story of a young boy who was killed by a gunshot while playing on a ballground, and the moving "Have You Lost Somebody" across Penthouse Records' "Streets Of Gold" riddim. Furthermore worth hearing over and over again are the uplifting songs "Draw The Line" on Master One Productions' "Oxygen" riddim and "Jah Help Me" on the "World Citizen" riddim, done in collaboration with UK deejay Mr Diamond. When it comes to love songs it's the single "Back Inna My Arms" that makes a very good impression, but also "Wicked Woman" and "Lips Dem Seal" are very pleasant to listen to. The album is rounded off in fine style with "Coward", another solid conscious tune for which the singjay once again collaborated with Sam Gilly of House of Riddim.

Pretty sure Tydal's thoroughly enjoyable and very convincing debut album will propel his career.