Album review
D-Flame & The K.P. Crew
Downbeat Records-Warner Music Group
20 - 10 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Intro
  2. Conqueror
  3. Stopp
  4. Kopf Hoch
  5. Besuch Von Nachbarn (Interlude)
  6. Righteous Cause feat. Sizzla
  7. Unaufhaltsam
  8. Höhen & Tiefen feat. Jan Delay
  9. Party Time feat. Chico
  10. Den? Kenn Isch!! (Interlude)
  11. Du Kennst Mich Nicht feat. Detecta
  12. Wie Können Sie Sagen...?
  13. Dancehall Ballerina feat. Tolga
  14. So Müsst'es Immer Sein
  15. Andere Frau
  16. Raus Aus Babylon
  17. So Was Wie Sie feat. Tolga
  18. Tanz
  19. Paranoia
  20. Paranoia (Outerlude)
  21. Polizisten
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5!

"Unaufhaltsam" is D-Flame's third album, and it shows him living up to the potential of being right there in the upperleague of German reggae and dancehall alongside Gentleman and Seeed. The former hiphopper from Frankfurt so far released the albums "Basstard" and the semi-autobiographical "Daniel X - Eine Schwarze Deutsche Geschichte" as well as being involved in the Brothers Keepers project, and his current 'real' reggae dancehall album was highly anticipated. With his tight band the K.P. Crew he is building a name as a live-outfit to be reckoned with as well, as can be read in the concertimpression of Sean Paul's concert in Düsseldorf, where D-Flame was opening for Sean Paul. After an "Intro" that is completely in sync with the superheroes cover of the album, Germany's deepest voice speaks out against all haters in "Conqueror", before like Jamaican DJs he introduces a new dance with "Stopp", D-Flame's first self- produced dancehall riddim (D-Flame has been producing hiphop beats for over 10 years). This fine riddim has been voiced for and brought forth 7" releases on Germaican Records like Chico's "Tired A Di Raid", CéCile's "Hardcore Lovin", Spectacular's "Move" and Alley Cat's "Overcast". The uplifting "Kopf Hoch" (Keep Up Your Head) is a rootsy reggae track that is followed by an absolute killer take on the "Cause" riddim for the combination "Righteous Cause" with Sizzla. The title-track "Unaufhaltsam" is a great track telling the world D-Flame is unstoppable. The combination track, "Höhen & Tiefen" features another German hiphopper gone reggae Jan Delay, whose album "Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels" has been reviewed here, a nice tune about the situation where you are so down, that the only way you can go is up, great lyrics. Bashment again with a combination with Chico "Party Time" produced by Germaican Records' Lanny "Pionear" Topp. "Du Kennst Mich Nicht" and "Wie Können Sie Sagen" are thematically both anti-haters songs, where the dancehall oriented former one is a combination tune with Detecta, and the latter a roots reggae track on which D-Flame wonders "how can they say they are brothers or friends, when in fact they aren't, I'm alone with my problems, they went". "Dancehall Ballerina" is a combination with longtime road-partner German singer Tolga, produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon on his "Good To Go" riddim. Ingo Rheinbay from Pow Pow Productions produced the strong "So Müsst'es Immer Sein" over the Pow Pow version of the "007 (Shanty Town)" riddim, that has also been voiced by Luciano "Love & Devotion", Sizzla "Can't Keep Us Down", Anthony B "Time For The Love", Tanya Stephens "Power Of A Girl" as well as by Jah Mason, Turbulence, Sugar Black & Lebanchuleh, Daddy Rings, Jack Radics and Elijah Prophet. "Andere Frau" is a middle-eastern-sound influenced self produced dancehall track, with real saz and darbuka, before Pow Pow's Ingo Rheinbay lends another hand for downtempo "Raus Aus Babylon" a fine track with very nice female backing vocals by Nathalie Tineo. It should be mentioned that a lot of the other tracks profit from the nice backing vocals by Alex Prince. "So Was Wie Sie" is another combination with Tolga, bigging up a woman who is like no other woman before, great interaction between the sweet singing voice of Tolga and the staccato deepness of D-Flame. "Tanz" is another 'belly dance' type of riddim, with handclaps underpinning this excellent self-production. "Paranoia" is produced by Jamaican dancehall wizards Ward 21, who are greatly admired by D-Flame, over their "Cashmere"-riddim, a typical Ward 21 riddim, with synths that sound like some cross-breed between middle-eastern instruments and high note bagpipes, and D-Flame's deep voice as haunting as the riddim. "Cashmere" has also been under Elephant Man's "Nah Lick" and Bounty Killer & Ward 21's "Bad Like We" as well as Ward 21's own "Respect The Game". The album closes with a cover of 1981 Neue Deutsche Welle chartbuster Extrabreit's "Polizisten" a tune that fits perfectly lyrically between the other songs from this album, and it rides a roots riddim that is enhanced by the Seeed horns on top of it. This is a great album, fulfilling the promise of "Basstard" that D-Flame could be a major force in German (language) reggae and dancehall. To hear some soundsnippets of this album and find out more about D-Flame & The K.P. Crew, surely a combination that will produce some more wicked dancehall in the future, visit his website