Album review
Unbelievable Sounds
Trojan Records

Tracking list

  1. Draw your brakes
  2. Childen children
  3. Penny for your song
  4. Jam rock style
  5. I worry
  6. Musical chariot
  7. Sing along
  8. Rosemarie
  9. Sesame street
  10. Lonely man
  11. Riddle I this
  12. Monkey drop
  13. I count the skank
  14. Clean race
  15. Unbelievable sounds
  16. Salvation train
  17. Skank in bed
  18. Penny for your song (version 20)
  19. I've passed this way before
  20. Shocking love
  21. By the river (me and my baby)
  22. Wailing festival
  23. In this world
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4

A singer and a dj, David Scott, started out in late 1967 as a founding member of The Federals. He produced the hit single "Penny for your song" b/w "I've passed this way before", and it' s follow up "Shocking love" b/w "By the river". The original group brake up in 1969 after the Jamiacan Song Festival. Their one-off session with producer Sonia Pottinger spawned "In this world" and "Wailing festival" (which made the final eight in the Festival).
Scotty joined the original line-up of the Chosen Few with Noel Brown and Franklyn Spence. The group subsequently backed Hopeton Lewis on his festival song "Boom Shaka Lack". Scotty convinced producer Derrick Harriott of his potential as dj, and in july 1970 he recorded his first dj title "Musical Chariot" (the track wasn't released until later), followed by "Sesame Street" which became his first major hit as a dj and peaked at number 3 in the charts. The hits kept on coming for Scotty and Derrick Harriott : "Riddle I This" b/w "Musical chariot", in 1971 "Jam rock style""Children children", "Sing along", "I worry" and "Draw your brakes".
He continued working for Derrick Harriot until 1972. He started recording for a variety of producers : Geoffrey Chung, Sonia Pottinger, Lloyd Charmers, Harry "J" Johnson and produced some tracks himself like The Drifters hit "I count the tears", renamed "I count the skank" !
In 1974 however, while at the height of his popularity , he left for the USA and settled in Miami, Florida, where he set up his own record/video store. During the late '80s, having returned to live in Jamaica and trying to relaunch his career in music, he started recording in a ragga style, with considerable local success.
Twenty-three tracks on this excellent collection of golden oldies from one the dj's who also used his abilaties as a singer. Lots of Derrick Harriott productions, riding classic rocksteady riddims and early cuts from The Federals. Scotty was one of the artists who ruled the dancehalls in the early seventies and it's great that Trojan has collected these tracks on this killer compilation set !

Teacher & Mr. T.