Danny I
I Grade Records
December 15, 2007

Danny I - Unchangeable Track list
  1. In Order To Live Up
  2. Bow Dem Face
  3. Unchangeable
  4. Old Time Something feat. Niyorah
  5. Driving Force
  6. In This Jungle
  7. Redda Fyah
  8. Gone Away
  9. See Dem A Come
  10. Pay'in Full
  11. Seek Zion
  12. New Jerusalem feat. Vaughn Benjamin
  13. Bow To The Scepter
  14. Weak At The Foundation
  15. Recuerdo De Ayer
  16. Grateful For Life
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Total votes : 30
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
It's truly amazing how many artists from the US Virgin Islands, in particular St. Croix, are worthy of recognition. Danny I is such an artist... a very talented versatile roots reggae singer and songwriter predestined to establish his name in the international reggae world.

Danny I, real name Luis Daniel Gomez, was born and raised in the La Grande Princesse area of St. Croix. After graduating from high school in 1992, he spent three years in the US military. Upon his return to St. Croix, he began his musical odyssey by teaming up with Army and Jahold to form the band, Sacred Science. It was with these two similarly smooth-voiced singers that Danny I recorded his first release the combination song "Yesterday's News" on Army's debut album. Shortly thereafter, Danny I released four outstanding songs on the compilation, "Eastbound Vol. II" (2000). With this solid foundation of tunes under his belt, he released his first album, "Jah Fury", with Iyah Ites Productions in 2001. Since this debut release, Danny I has appeared on three acclaimed roots compilation albums, "Wake Up Call" (SPM Records 2003), "Talkin Roots II" (Mt. Nebo Records 2005) and Eastbound III (Iyah Ites Prod. 2007).

Danny I's sophomore album "Unchangeable" is characterized by unassumingly beautiful vocals, profound songwriting and musical arrangements that stick to the essentials. The majority of the 16 tracks are underpinned by peaceful, somewhat melancholy 'live' riddims that are typical of Virgin Islands reggae. A few tunes feature great horn arrangements from the Celebrity Hornz and also included are real fine guest appearances by Midnite and NiyoRah. Danny I proves to be a real good songrwiter who impresses throughout with the way he expresses himself. He touches a wide range of themes and keeps you involved till the very end.

The album opens very strong with the beautiful "In Order To Live Up", an instant highlight and a good foretaste of things to come. Next drops the rootsier "Bow Dem Face", a matching cut which is followed by "Unchangeable", the wonderful title track across the "Sunrise" riddim, produced by Dean Pond & Eno Stafford of Studio 340. The mellow "Old Time Something", delivered in combination with NiyoRah, is a solid tune worthwhile hearing. The same goes for "Driving Force" and "In This Jungle". The Seth Theodore for Million 7 Sound produced "Redda Fyah", an awesome tune on the "Wicked Development" riddim, is another highlight, whilst the single "Gone Away" -- across the same riddim that underpins NiyoRah's "Inner Light" on his "Purification Session" album -- isn't far behind in terms of quality.

We're halfway the album and up till now we were treated to songs that range from good to excellent. And that doesn't change in the second part as the quality of the tracks doesn't decrease! Thus it's a real pleasure to hit the repeat button for tracks like "Seek Zion", the powerful combination with Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin entitled "New Jerusalem", the intriguing "Bow To The Scepter" and "See Dem A Come" (utilizing the same riddim as Midnite's "Again A Lion" from the "Rule The Time" album).

Overal opinion is that Danny I has delivered a collection of tunes that can be ranked amongst the best albums coming from the USVI.