Unfinished Business
Peter Spence
May 5, 2005

Track list
  1. Sweetest
  2. I Still Love You
  3. No More Running
  4. I Dont Care
  5. Spell
  6. The Only Girl
  7. Daddy's Love
  8. Freedom
  9. Mountain In The Sky
  10. Don't Say Goodbye
  11. Mr Charmer
  12. Know Yourself Mankind
  13. Too Late
  14. Start Love Again
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Equipped with the production wizardry of the highly acclaimed McLeod brothers of Stingray Records, "Unfinished Business" fully lives up the expectations one might have from Peter Spence and attests to why he's regarded one of the most talented singers in the UK. Peter's story begins in England's second city Birmingham, where he was taught guitar by his father, who played with bands in Jamaica before settling in England. His own musical apprenticeship was first served by roles as the drummer and then rhythm guitarist for a group called the Xperts during the very early 1980s. Inspired by Jamaican harmony groups such as The Heptones and The Tamlins, he then turned singer and joined a local sound system called Warrior. He recorded his debut tune "Frivolous Woman" for Birmingham producer GT Haynes. His break through arrived in 1987 with a hit on Greensleeves called "Don't Leave Me Lonely". Then he teamed up with another London based reggae independent called Fashion, for whom he recorded a handful of tunes in the lovers rock vein. His 1989 released debut album "I'll Be There" got rave reviews and won Best Reggae Album for that year at the Black Music Awards. Throughout the 1990s Peter occassionally released well received and critical acclaimed tunes, but it wasn't until searching out his old producer friend Wooligan that his musical career took proper shape once more. Through Wooligan he met Tony English, who promptly invited him to New York, where he recorded two tunes, "Mr. Charmer" and "I Don't Care", the latter featuring Shelene Thomas. From there it was a small step to Stingray's Big House Studio in north-west London, where he recorded the hit single "Daddy's Love", collaborations with Richie Davis, Lloyd Brown and Winsome, and also this album "Unfinished Business".
Even though he's best known and loved for his lovers rock outings, this entertaining and truly delightful set also contains an occasional conscious effort, which he handles with as much as finesse as the romantic material included here. Tracks like "Freedom" and "Know Yourself Mankind" are strong, meaningful songs and the same goes for the awesome "Mountain In The Sky". The latter is one of our favourite tracks along with such excellent lovers tunes as "No More Running", "I Don't Care", "Spell", and ""Mr. Charmer". This collection of tunes is stamped with quality all over and certainly worth of hearing over and over again. So, ignore at your peril!!