Universal Struggle
Anthony B.
VP Records / Charm-Jet Star
December 29, 1997

Track list
  1. Storm winds
  2. Heavy load
  3. Universal struggle
  4. Gangstas think twice
  5. Waan back
  6. Seek Jah first
  7. Nah vote again
  8. Damage
  9. Splifftail
  10. Zinc fence jungle featuring Luciano
  11. The mockingbird
  12. Jerusalem
  13. Money worries
  14. Rastaman school
  15. Sunburnt faces
  16. Marley memories
  17. Storm sax
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Bobo dread Anthony B. is one of Jamaica's new generation of reggae artists who are fully conversant with the dancehall scene, yet who have chosen to re-introduce the teachings of Rastafari into their songs. Due, in a part, to the efforts of profound newcomers as Sizzla and aforementioned Tamika Award winning "New Artist of the Year" Anthony B., the conscious movement has been propelled into high gear.

Anthony B.'s newest album "Universal Struggle" is a dignified and satisfying follow-up to his highly acclaimed debut album "Real Revolutionary" (aka "So Many Things"), which featured now famous tracks like "Fire pon Rome", "Raid di barn", "Bun down Sodom", "Cold feet", "Prophecy reveal" and many more. "Universal Struggle" combines the spirit of "roots 'n' culture" with the freshness of nineties dancehall music and is another proof of the man's commanding delivery and righteous ire, which burn convincingly throughout the entire album. To be honest, not every cut is a killer or at least a winner, but overall Anthony B. lives up to expectations and with a dozen solid tunes this album is well worth checking out!!

Just like on his debut set Anthony's talent is complimented by the production genius of Richard "Bello" Bell of Star Trail Records, who has a real talent for producing solid traditional-style riddims. Additional production work was carried out by Keith Blair (aka Anthony B.) of Star Trail Records and Jimmy Riley of One Love Productions.