Endlich Single
Uwe Kaa
Irievibrations Records
October 31, 2008

Track list
  1. Hallo Deutschland
  2. April Bis März
  3. Nie Genug feat. Phenomden
  4. Freundin
  5. Besser Geht's Kaum
  6. Allein
  7. Mein Ganja
  8. So Sweet
  9. Tut Gut
  10. Wir Leben Laut
  11. Das Mic
  12. High Grade
  13. So Wie Ihr
  14. Dancehall Story (Yum Yum Edit)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Irievibrations Records is the label of Austria's brothers Professa & Syrix from Vienna, together also known as Iriepathie and often producing artists alongside Bassix, the bassplayer of Austrian reggaeband Buccaneers. In 2006 their mainstream popularity in Austria gained through the hitsingle "Irievibrations" and their debut album "Reggaestration" and the fall 2006 EP "Niemals Aufgeben" led to Iriepathie being awarded the Amadeus Award for the best Austrian Alternative Act. And then their 2007 sophomore album "45 (Forty-Five)" got a major-release on Universal Music, recorded and produced at their own Irievibrations Studio, where besides several riddim selections and a label sampler Perfect's "Born Dead With Life" has been recorded. And now they release the debut solo-album "Endlich Single" of Uwe Kaa a.k.a. Tenor Kaa, former vocalist of Roots Rockers, yet still member of Roots Rockers Sound.

The German soundsystem based in Bavaria (in Passau and Munich) Roots Rockers released their first full length album "Tanzen & Schrei'n" 4 years ago in the autumn of 2004: not a compilation or mix-album, but an album featuring themselves as vocalists and musicians. On this album "Endlich Single" Uwe Kaa as solo-artist is with the exception of one tune the only vocalist featured, backed by his own Oneness Band, Irievibrations' Professa & Syrix, former Roots Rockers colleague Andybee, London's JStar and the Scrucialists. After the nice opener "Hallo Deutschland" and the very fine loverstune "April Bis März" Uwe Kaa is joined by Phenomden for the wonderful tribute to sound "Nie Genug" across African Beat's 'Cherry Pie'-riddim, the relick of Eric Donaldson's 1971 classic "Cherry Oh Baby" for the label he owns with Philipp Radovanovic and Andy Bee.

The very witty soulful jazzy "Freundin", the first official single from the album, is followed by "Besser Geht's Kaum", a phenomenal tune across an excellent relick of Delroy Wilson's 'Better Must Come'-riddim and the heartfelt cry for help from God "Allein" across Irievibrations' 'Elevator'-riddim. The next tune is the on Sure Shot released dancehall tune about the police's search for "Mein Ganja" that was the B-side of the first Uwe Kaa solo-single "Dancehall Story", before he delivers the smooth lovers tune "So Sweet" not for a girl, but for our reggae music. Irievibrations' upful ska-influenced 'Work Off'-riddim backs the very entertaining "Tut Gut" and then "Wir Leben Laut" just doesn't work for me despite its fine music saves our souls hookline.

JStar contributes the great London-digital-dancehall-style 'Chill Out'-riddim backing the very nice "Das Mic" and then the great ganja tune "High Grade" is delivered across Irievibrations' brilliant 'Carribean'-riddim. The Oneness Band provide the beautiful live played riddim with excellent horn section for "So Wie Ihr", Uwe Kaa's pledge never to become like 'them' before the album is closed with the 'Yum Yum'-remix of the tune that Uwe Kaa on the map as a solo artist (despite originally being released as Roots Rockers tune across the '85'-riddim) "Dancehall Story" to close an album that as a solo Uwe Kaa album is at least as strong as if not stronger than Roots Rockers' "Tanzen & Schrei'n" which featured several higher profile vocalists. Excellent riddims and fine vocals with entertaining (German) lyrics, definitely worth checking out.