The Hits
Mr. Vegas
October 10, 2008

Track list
  1. Heads High
  2. Tek Weh Yuhself
  3. Yu Sure (Hands Up)
  4. Jack It Up
  5. Girls Time
  6. Do You Know
  7. Under Mi Sensi feat. Alozade & Hollow Point
  8. Pull Up
  9. Taxi Fare feat. Lexus
  10. Hot Wuk
  11. Rise
  12. Latest News
  13. Hot Gal Today feat. Sean Paul
  14. She's A Ho
  15. Jacket
  16. Go Up
  17. Bun It feat. Elephant Man
  18. Nike Air
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Clifford Smith, also known as Mr.Vegas, developed an affinity for music at an early age. But it was the moment he voiced a track on the 'Playground'-riddim for producer Jeremy Harding, despite a serious injury to his jaw, which sealed his fate in the business. Unfazed by the injury and ambitious, Mr. Vegas laid his one-of-a-kind vocals and created "Nike Air" - an instant hit! Ever since Mr. Vegas catapulted his way to the top in 1997 with "Nike Air" and the follow up smash "Heads High" the thriving artist has never looked back. This singjay constantly kept producing hit songs over the next decade. Respectfully, "Heads High" became Mr. Vegas’ biggest selling singleand just like the single, the album "Heads High" of the same name on Greensleeves, made the world stand up and take notice. This exciting debut album took Mr. Vegas and dancehall to another level. With hit songs like “Jacket", "Sweet Pineapple" and "Everywhere I Go", "Heads High" was a chart topper, described only one year after his debut on 7" as The Best Of Mr. Vegas Vol. 1.

To prove that the success of his first album was no fluke, Mr.Vegas followed up with a sophomore release on Greensleeves, "Damn Right". Laced with a strong R&B and hip-hop flavor, this album contained a myriad of favorites including "Girls Time" and "She's A Ho" and the monster hit "Hot Gal Today" on which he collaborated with Sean Paul, turning it into The Best Of Mr. Vegas Vol. 2. With his move to the Los Angeles-based independent label Delicious Vinyl Mr. Vegas released his third full-length release "Pull Up". The title track, recorded on Scatta Burrell's hugely popular 'Coolie Dance'-riddim, entered the Billboard Charts and again thrusted Vegas to international status. In the four years since then, Mr. Vegas recorded and released the fine albums "Constant Spring" and last year's "Hot It Up", containting recent hit tunes (also included here) like "Tek Wey Yuhself " and "Hot Wuk".And now this "The Hits" selection (by Maximum Sound's Frenchie for Greensleeves) collects some of his best tunes (I could still come up with a second CD with 18 Mr. Vegas hittunes, all killer no filler).

The 18 tunes compiled here cover the whole decade behind us, with top notch tunes over top riddims by top producers, "Heads High" over 'Filthy' from 1997 for Danny Browne, "Tek Weh Yuhself" over Kirk 'Kirkledove' Bennett 'Dutch Pot' from 2007, "Yu Sure (Hands Up)" across 2 Bad's 'Faith' from 1998, "Jack It Up" from the same year over K-Licious' 'Bookshelf'-riddim, "Girls Time" from 2000 over Richard 'Shams' Browne's 'Orgasm' for B-Rich, the very well sung "Do You Know" over the 'Old Skool'-riddim from 2005 for Courtney 'Yogie' Morrison's Fi Wi Music and the phenomenal combination with Alozade & Hollow Point "Under Mi Sensi" over South Rakkas Crew's massive 'Clappas'-riddim from 2002, and the next classics are up with Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell's worldfamous 'Coolie Dance'-riddim backing Vegas' excellent "Pull Up" alongside Wayne Anthony from 2003 and 2005's "Taxi Fare" combination with Lexxus over 'Shams' relick of his own in 1998 at Main Street created 'Baddis'-riddim for his B-Rich label.

Then "Hot Wuk" over In The Streetz' (the label Mr. Vegas owns together with Byron Murray) 2006 'Hot Fuk'-riddim, his cover of Gabrielle's "Rise" recorded in 2001 for 'Computer Paul' Henton, "Latest News" over Steely & Clevie's 'Bagpipe' and for the same producers also from 2000 the splendid "Hot Gal Today" combination with Sean Paul over their 'Street Sweeper' follow. "She's A Ho" was released in 1999 over In The Streetz' 'Crash'-riddim (and later as a remix across their 'Mud Up' a.k.a. 'Workie Workie'-riddim in 2000), "Jacket" over the first 'Baddis' version from 1998 and another 'Shams' production with "Go Up" across 'Juice'. His combination with Elephant Man" "Bun It" was released three times by In The Streetz, across 'Crash' as included here, over 'Bollywood' and 'Mud Up'. The last tune on this very entertaining true "The Hits" collection by Mr. Vegas, showcasing both his versatility and consistency as a hitmaker is the tune that brought him into the picture "Nike Air" over Jeremy Harding's 'Playground', a riddim still as strong after more than a decade as the tunes collected here.