Memories ~ Iroko Showcase Vol. 2
The Viceroys
Iroko Records
LP / CD / Digital Release
May 24, 2016

Track list
  1. Memories
  2. Memories Dub
  3. Ya Ho Part 2
  4. Ya Ho Dub
  5. Why
  6. Why Dub
  7. DJ Clashing
  8. Clash Dub
  9. All I Need
  10. All I Dub
  11. Shake
  12. Shake Dub
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
The beauty of King's Music is that "nothing is impossible". The reality of The Viceroys; one of the most resonating Roots harmony trios in Jamaican music history, releasing an album of original material after 16 years is simply amazing and is a prime example of how Foundation artists will never fade away. The iconic group wisely teamed up with visionary producers Roberto (El Scientist) Sanchez and Herve Brizec and the result is a brilliant showcase album that embraces the Channel One heydays with a progressive and original ites, gold and green print. "Memories" exemplifies the true notion that music shows no boundaries; geographically or otherwise...

The Viceroys' legacy can be traced back to 1967 with initial tracks done at Studio One. "Ya Ho" totally put them on the musical locomotive full steam ahead. The core of Wesley Tinglin, Daniel Bernard and Linval Williams recorded for numerous producers and under different group names (Truth Fact & Correct, The Inturns, The Interns and The Voiceroys). Their official debut album was "Consider Yourself" as The Inturns; thankfully reissued recently by Pressure Sounds. Jamaica was a political hotbed in 1980 and Daniel and Linval left the group. Mr. Tinglin kept the fyah burning with Neville Ingram and Norris Reid (from the Rockers family). This lineup recorded "We Must Unite" and "Brethren & Sistren" in the early '80s. CLASSIC albums recorded at Channel One and produced by Linval Thompson. The lineup changed again for 1984's "Chancery Lane" with the talented Chris Wayne replacing Norris Reid. Things went quiet until Mr. Tinglin and Trevor "LEGGO" Douglas convinced the original members to reunite for 2000's "Revisited", a crucial affair that blended Digi riddims with their ethereal approach. Note: Linval had taken a bullet and Danny had witnessed murder in his yard; so this album is so important because it shows the tenacity and endurance these legends have. Total respect to these Lions!! In 2005, Wesley, Neville and newly recruited member Michael Gabbidon (perfect fit) performed crucial tracks from their catalogue in Earl "Chinna" Smith's yard as a musical chapter in the widely acclaimed "Inna De Yard" series. Fast forward to 2015...

Herve Brizec (Iroko Records) contacted Mr. Tinglin in 2015 and sent original riddims constructed by ace composer/engineer/producer Roberto Sanchez and Lone Ark Riddim Force. Roberto has been heavily responsible for some of the finest albums in recent years from his outpost in Spain. Talking about classic albums with Noel Ellis, Earl 16, Earl Zero, Milton Henry, Alpheus and so much more. The group were enthralled with the Channel One caliber riddims brimming with originality. The current lineup has been continual since "Inna De Yard" sessions and voiced the riddims at Small World Studio (JA) with legendary engineer Gaylard Bravo. The Lone Ark Riddim Force (one of many Sanchez fueled lineups) are Genis Trani-drums. Roberto-bass/guitars. Reuben"Ras"Telford-keys. Mathias Liengme, ace producer for Fruits Records on strings. Dubby Ambassah-percussions and massive horn section of Gorka Fernandez, Sainoa Jorrin, Jaime Montes and Nicodrum on kette. These are all masters of their craft and deserve the upmost respect!

This historic project opens with the title track. Neville takes lead on this Zionesque masterpiece. Over a horn rich granite riddim, time rolls back to recalling early days - "I can recall the good old days... games we used to play". Such beautiful harmonies that intertwine with a musical backbone brimming with originality yet recalls the tautness of The Roots Radics. "Memories Dub" is majestic with Roberto displaying his masterful handling of Dub theory from his A-Lone Ark Musik Studio (Cueto, Spain). The magic continues with "Ya Ho Part 2". A compelling continuation of the Studio One classic that pertains to today's piracy. This is deep and observant Roots with Mr. Tinglin delivering with seasoned intellect and intoxicatingly beautiful harmony. The Dub embraces Scientist's classic treatment, but Roberto has a unique way of revealing each instrument to the fullness and presents it progressively and Heartically. Boom! "Why" is a kette driven Rocker with upfull utterances to The Most High. On par with work found on "We Must Unite" album. "Jah give us the rising son...". This track is delivered with such Heart and Soul, it demands multiple rewinds. Amazing lyrically and musically!! "Why Dub" is bass and drum detonation to the Heights. Masterclass mixing of the frequencies and keeps the kette and keys on the throttle to make a megaton excursion. "DJ Clashing" is a standout selection. Over a Dancehall tight riddim punctuated with beautiful horns, Mr. Tinglin depicts a true story about an incident at Sting. Superior songwriting - "this couldn't be the good old days when there was Love" and musical direction from Mr. Sanchez. "Clash Dub" is so crucial. Reminscent of early '80s Sly & Robbie dub episodes; this is subtle brilliance with horn blasts, flowing percussion and some killer piano. "All I Need" is vintage Viceroys sound! Neville takes lead on this timeless Love anthem that exudes wisdom, experience and is a true affair of the Heart. Those harmonies are Zion high!! "All I Dub" grabs the listener from the first note. The perfectly executed riddim is given El Scientist's treatment and time and space is elevated and strengthened to absolute ites resolution. These musicians make King's Music for sure. "Shake" shows Mr. Tinglin in pure observation. A true rally to clean up the system presented in classic harmonic fashion. This artist has always demanded perfection in his works and this is clearly evident here. This is a Roots anthem that fits in with the best Roots music being released today. Pure message music with no apology. "Shake Dub" is a bin shaker indeed. The Rockers riddim that brims with activity and purpose is mixed up just right. Dub music just doesn't get better than this.

The Viceroys "MEMORIES" can be summed up in two words - absolute brilliance. The massive has waited many years for an album of this caliber and is worth the wait. It's possible that this group's catalogue could be bigger, but Mr. Tinglin's standards are paramount and that's so important for the continuation of King's Music. Quality over quantity; yes indeed. The pairing of this legendary group and one of Europe's foremost musical outposts is a match made in Zion vision. This is real music; created as it was and should be. It fires on all levels and conversations about this project will continue for many years. Top respect to Roberto Sanchez/Herve Brizec for connecting with Foundation statesmen in such a Royal manner and salute to Wesley Tinglin, Neville Ingram and Michael Gabbidon for enduring all circumstances triumphantly and keeping the Fyah burning. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!