Album review
Virtuous Woman
Warrior King
VP Records - Walboomers Music
29 - 10 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Power To Chant
  2. Never Go Where Pagans Go
  3. Jah Is Always There
  4. Africa Shall Be Free
  5. Breath Of Fresh Air
  6. Boast Not Myself
  7. Love Jah And Live
  8. Rough Road
  9. Education Is Key
  10. Baby Don't Worry
  11. Empress So Divine
  12. Virtuous Woman
  13. Oh Mama feat. DYCR
  14. Health And Strength
  15. What's Going On feat. Jahmali
  16. It's Been A While
  17. Mama Remix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Warrior King is a young Rasta messenger from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, who bursted big upon the scene in 2001. With his awesome debut single "Virtuous Woman" - delivered across a revitalized version of the "Zion Gate" riddim - Warrior King returned dignity to women in the sphare of musical content and shut up deejays who seek ratings by degrading women. "Virtuous Woman" and the follow-up single "Never Go Where Pagans Go" had major impact and both songs went to # 1 on Jamaican radio charts and were massive hits with the core reggae dancehall crowd in the U.K., Europe, U.S. and Japan. His next single, "Breath Of Fresh Air", made a strong impression and was very successful too. With these three singles Warrior King proved that there is measure of consistency about him which not only made him an exciting new voice in reggae music but also top contender for roots & culture champion. In a short period of time this devout Rasta youth managed to become an artist anticipated by a reggae massive hungry for the relevant lyrics and heartfelt vocal performances. No doubt, the reggae fan will be delighted with this long awaited release of Warrior King's excellent debut album entitled "Virtuous Woman", which will surely expand Warrior King’s reputation further. The album is expertly produced by Sheldon Stewart for "Calibud Music" and furthermore features tracks produced by Richard "Chabano" Brown for "Isles Of Spring" ("Jah Is Always There"), Michael Johnson for Lion Paw Records ("Africa Shall Be Free" and "Virtuous Woman"), Chad "Goofy" Simpson for "Youngblood" ("Breath Of Fresh Air") and Donovan Germain for "Penthouse" ("Eduction Is Key"). Seventeen tracks are found here all intended to uplift people's heart, mind and soul in a positive way. Warrior King's unique vocal delivery and passionate lyrics combined with mainly strong original and revitalized riddims make this a very entertaining album. It's packed with quality music and has outstanding tunes such as the album opener "Power To Chant", a spiritual invocation of Jah, the hit tune "Never Go Where Pagans Go" across Gregory Isaacs' "Tune In" riddim, "Africa Shall Be Free", "Breath Of Fresh Air", "Education Is Key" set to the vintage "Storm" riddim, "Empress So Divine", "Virtuous Woman" and "Health And Strength", which is built on a foundation of Nyabinghi drum patterns.
No doubt about it... this "Virtuous Woman" set fully deserves to be ranked among the best album releases of the year 2002. So, ignore at your peril!! Teacher & Mr. T.