Vision Tomorrow
Tony Roots
Manila Jeepney
December 10, 2007

Tony Roots - Vision Tomorrow Track list
  1. WW3
  2. Dance Tonight
  3. Chant Remix
  4. Mighty People
  5. Good People
  6. Worries
  7. Flies
  8. Powers
  9. Dream On It
  10. Bring Love
  11. Africa Calling
  12. Jah Will Deliver Us
  13. WW3 Dub
  14. Mighty Dub
  15. Powers Dub
  16. Africa Dub
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Total votes : 12
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
"Vision Tomorrow" is Tony Roots' fifth full length album and the long awaited follow-up to his 2003 released "Gift Of Life" set. In the past Tony Roots has succesfully worked with London based producer/engineer/musician Russ Bell-Brown aka Russ D. of Disciples/Back Yard Movements fame, and for this Manila Jeepney release Russ D. once again is responsible for instrumentation (except for the horns which are blown by Digistep) and mixing. Mixing surely is one of Russ D.'s strengths and he's got a good all around vibe as is shown on all tracks gathered on this album.

In recent years Tony Roots has recorded three real good singles for the Manila Jeepney label namely "Guide Us", "Stepping Out" and "Good People", the latter also included on this all new set. With "Vision Tomorrow" the one they call 'The Reggae Soldier' continues to deliver the goods for this small independent label, which operates from Brooklyn, NY. The album kicks off in great style with "WW3", a wicked modern roots tune with very fine horns parts and nice backing vocals of Christine Miller. "Dance Tonight" is underpinned by an awesome riddim track, but lyrically it's not a very satisfying song as it doesn't have that much to offer. However the weak lyrics of that track are soon forgotten when "Chant (Remix)" drops. This tune, already featured on the "Lion King" album, proves to be a good stepping stone for the next five tracks, which are all great to hear. Tunes such as "Mighty People", the wonderful "Flies" and the powerful "Powers" belong to the highpoints of this album. "Dream On It" is a nice effort with good lyrics, followed by the lovers tune "Bring Love" which doesn't leave a serious impression. "Africa Calling" is an outstanding modern roots anthem, and also "Jah Will Deliver Us" is a very worthy effort.

The four dub versions -- a very welcome addition to the vocal part -- round off an album that largely brings forward the best Tony Roots and Russ D. have to offer. So any modern roots fan shouldn't overlook this solid album!!