Voice Of Jamaica Vol. 2
Anthony B
Tha Jam-Walboomers Music
June 14 - 2003
Track list
  1. Better Way
  2. Put It On
  3. Try Hard
  4. Man With Action
  5. Chant A Prayer
  6. No Like What A Gwaan
  7. Pon Di Corner
  8. Dance Time
  9. Jah Love feat. Nitty Kutchie
  10. Ha Fi Have A Queen feat. Twitch
  11. Needy Greedy
  12. Come Fi It
  13. Ghetto Man Do That
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the past decade the bobo dread and militant chanter Keith Blair aka Anthony B has become one of the most prominent representatives of the new Jamaican conscious movement that emerged throughout the nineties. His adherence to the Bobo dread philosophies has provided a focus for his talents and finds him spitting fire at social injustice, spiritual and political mischief. So far he has released some eight studio albums including his masterpiece "Real Revolutionary". In the first years of his musical career Anthony B largely remained loyal to Richard "Bello" Bell, the producer who kickstarted his career. Then he more and more took the opportunity to record for other producers, and instead of relying on the more traditional roots riddims he also started to voice totally hardcore street beats, which brought him to the attention of a wider audience.

"Voice Of Jamaica Vol. 2" serves up a good selection of mostly previous released singles, showcasing both sides of the original fireman. As ever Anthony B rides the roots ridims with great ease and treats us to great tunes such as "Better Way", "Try Hard" and "Ghetto Man Do That" a song underpinned by a refurnished "Money In My Pocket" riddim. Other strong performances are "Chant A Prayer" and the entertaining "Dance Time". Strictly dancehall music is delivered on six tracks with "Pon Di Corner" being an outstanding piece. "Put It On", "No Like What A Gwaan" and "Come Fi It" are matching efforts, while the combination tune with Nitty Kutchie entitled "Jah Love" is a rather disappointing track.

All in all "Voice Of Jamaica Vol. 2" is a nice collection of songs produced by various producers including Mark Hudson of Stone Cold Productions, Marlon Cooke of Deja Vu Productions, Norman Bryan of Kickin' Productions, Edward Murray of KT Productions, Jason Williams of Golden Child Productions, Curtis Cole of Revue Records, Paul Nelson of Our House productions and the Jamdown crew.