Life Is A Journey
Vernon Maytone/Paul Fox
Uniteam Music
EP / Digital Release
June 16, 2015

Track list
  1. Rootsman Vibing (Paul Fox)
  2. Rootsman Dub
  3. You Broke My Heart (Vernon Maytone)
  4. Broken Dub
  5. Life Is A Journey (Vernon Maytone)
  6. Dub Journey
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
2015 has been a constant flow of Roots Reggae with tremendous works of the Highest degree. A forward chapter in this musical episode is "Life Is A Journey." A flawless showcase EP with the legendary statesman Vernon Maytone and the massively talented U.K Rootsman Paul Fox. Another stellar release from France's Uniteam Music; the label that's released enduring classics from Vernon, Ricky Chaplin, Echo Minott and Carlton Livingston and humbly becoming one of the premier label/producers in the business. Much more to come from this label later this year. Real Authentic Sounds with purpose....

The "Life Is A Journey" project has been a journey indeed. A few years ago, Uniteam's co-founder Mr.Chin sent one of the two riddims showcased on the EP to Paul Fox. Mr.Fox is a brilliant singer/musician/producer whose been at the forefront of the Roots corner in numerous capacities since the 1990's. As a primary element of SHADES OF BLACK; producing a classic set for Michael Rose and sharpening ALPHA & OMEGA's work, this visionary brings it in dynamic fashion. Paul sent back the riddim with his sweet vocals, drum and key work and mixed the track at his Sound Business Studio. Vernon Buckley received both riddims that he masterfully voiced at his Buckley's Recording Studio (Canada). Mr.Buckley has been responsible for some of Reggae's finest moments. As part of The Mighty Maytones(w/Gladstone Grant), From the late '60's until the early '80's, the duo released a slew of magical works including "Madness" and "Boat To Zion"; two albums that shine brightly to this day. Vernon embarked on a hugely successful solo career in 1980 after relocating to Canada. His initial link with Uniteam resulted in the instant classic "On The Right Track" (2013). Uniteam Music has a distinctive sound that is the culmination of truly talented musicians/engineers. The first riddim (tracks 1-4) consist of Paul (drums/keys), Uniteam co-founder Mighty Erbe (guitar, bass), Colin Webster (guitar) and Mr.Chin (percussion, keys, melodica). The second riddim (tracks 5-6) was constructed by Mr.Chin and the masterful guitar licks of Soul Syndicate legend Tony Chin. The aforementioned musicians and the assistance of fellow Soul Syndicate members Santa Davis and legendary saxman Dean Fraser have been the riddim core of Uniteam's sharp sound, both past and future works. Paul ended up mixing and mastering the EP. This has usually been the work of master mixer Manu Genius (Dubshelter, Not Easy At All); Paul has a distinctive touch that fits beautifully here. This project is produced by Mr.Chin and Paul.

Paul is superb on Rootsman Vibing. He delivers that humble and sincere approach that has graced such classic Shades Of Black albums like "Hold Tight" and the recent "Break Free" (reviewed on the site). This is a tight riddim with ites drum and key work that intertwines with heavy basslines and guitar chops. Rootsman Dub is an experience! Mr. Fox is masterclass at the mixing station. He deconstructs and reconstructs the soundscape while keeping the core intact. Detonations of keyboard blasts, guitar licks and melodica float majestically above this ranking riddim. You Broke My Heart is Vernon Maytone at his very best (well, this is always the case). He rides the riddim with lyrical intelligency and the blessed emotion that flows from his Heart and Soul. Broken Dub contains crucial fragments of Vernon's sweetness with a Dub treatment that draws the listener in deep. Displays a different mix that shows the absolute versatility and ability of Mr.Fox. Crucial works indeed! The second riddim is brought to full attention on the title track. An engaging musical backbone with ethereal musical representation and Tony Chin's killer licks. Mr.Chin has absolute conception on building a resonating riddim. Built to last and endure. Vernon is at the top of the mountain delivering an incredible depth of sincerity, emotion and experience. Pure gold all the way! Dub Journey is granite sound. Paul delivers a robust feel that allows all instrumentation to shine bright. Great walk through the echo and reverb chamber. Instant rewind because this is heavy duty!

"Life Is A Journey" is Reggae music on a maximum level. The vision of combining Vernon Maytone and Paul Fox is a winning formula! Uniteam Music delivers a Royal and expertly polished value to every project they release. A formula that brings the best singers and players of instruments together and is presented in a tasteful format that is ever forward and never loses sight of the integrity of real Roots Reggae music. Mr. Chin, Mighty Erbe and crew are as humble as can be and have the respect of the Reggae fraternity..all the way to the Foundation and all points forward. Solid release that's a must in this musically explosive year. Go deh!!!