War Ina Babylon
Max Romeo
November 1976

Track list
  1. Abracadabra
  2. Meditation
  3. No Bars
  4. Hanky Panky
  5. Orthodox Inspiration
  6. Skip And Flip
  7. Freedom For The I-Dren
  8. Happiness Is
  9. Having What You Want
  10. Wanting What You Have
  11. The Right Spirit
  12. Never Say Goodbye
Read the words on the back of the album sleeve. Now listen to "Chase The Devil". I was at a sit-in the other night and we were runnin` out of music when we put on this LP. But the daughter dem remained seated. Now when "Chase The Devil" played, Angus the drummer, known with Aswad as "Drummie", he got movin`. And if he wasn`t the worst dancer I`ve seen in years I don`t know who is. But he was so good that I never stopped laughing for five minutes. The track is a winner. So is "One Step", "War", "Norman" and "Stealin". "Smile Out Of Style" and "Smokey Room" take time to grow on you. But "Uptown Babies" is another fine song despite being too long. It`s a crying shame though that Island didn`t see it fit to print Maxie`s and Scratch`s lyrics for the songs would make a lot more sense to those unfamiliar with the JA lingo. It`s possible however that this LP will outsell all Island`s other reggae albums (bar `Rastaman Vibrations`) in Britain since Scratch has a way with rydims. It`s still a fine album even if it doesn`t. But Maxie still has to live up to my highest expectations of him.