Waterhouse Redemption
May 30, 2006

Sizzla - Waterhouse Redemption Track list
  1. One Love
  2. Play Me Some Music
  3. It's Possible
  4. Thanks And Praise
  5. Someone Loves You
  6. A Better Way
  7. Love Is The Way
  8. Commandment
  9. Lately I've Been Thinking
  10. Right Day
  11. Let Me Love You
  12. Ganja In My Brain feat. Tony Curtis
  13. Stay Above
  14. Street Be Calling feat. Fahrenheit
  15. Peace
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
In the mid 90s Sizzla (born Miguel Orlando Collins on April 17, 1976 in St. Mary, Jamaica) started to gain attention from reggae connoisseurs with a handful of strong 7" singles and the Phillip "Fatis" Burrell produced debut album "Burning Up". Soon after the turban-clad chanter established his name as one of the hottest deejays in circulation with two phenomenal conscious albums, "Praise Ye Jah" (again for producer Phillip "Fatis" Burrell) and the Bobby Digital produced "Black Woman & Child", both released in 1997. To call his output in the years since then prolific would be an understatement. Over the past ten years he has released some 40 full length albums (not counting compilations and combinations with other artists) and countless singles.

As a forthright and totally committed member of the Bobo Ashanti, his outspoken stand against all forms of oppression has been well documented over the last decade. The huge success of his records, with both the traditional reggae audience and the crossover audience too, has attracted much mainstream media attention. However, Sizzla has always been reluctant to give interviews and has maintained his distance from the press by steadfastly refusing to become part of the media circus.

This release is the follow up to his album 'Ain't Gonna See Us Fall', a set which received mixed feelings throughout the reggae community. However, on 'Waterhouse Redemption' he returns to the rhythmical roots and expounds over a selection of some topnotch foundation rhythms as interpreted and originated by legendary producer King Jammy and that's why the album draws connections to his 1997 quality set "Black Woman & Child". The album opens with a revamped version of Black Uhuru's 'I Love King Selassie', a true killer tune which Ducky Simpson, Michael Rose and Errol Nelson recorded in 1977 under the guidance of Prince Jammy. The Jammy's selection continues: Half Pint's classic 'Mr.Landlord' is redefined in good manner as Commnandment, while the 'Sleng Teng' riddim is used on a typical Sizzla love tune Someone Loves You.

From further back in time comes the dancehall anthem popularly known as 'M16' after the Lone Ranger's Channel One version of U Roy's 'Scandal' originally recorded for Lloyd 'The Matador' Daley, here rebuild and renamed It's Possible. There are also some fine updates of rocksteady anthems like 'Ba Ba Boom' from The Jamaicans at Treasure Isle on Right Day, Derrick Harriot's 'Tonight' as Thanks And Praise and from Ken Boothe at Studio One comes 'Without Love' here offered in fine lover style as Let Me Love You. Frankie Paul's mid 80's classic 'Sarah' is used by Sizzla for a moving love song called Love Is The Way. Further very strong songs here include Ganja In My Brain on which Sizla and Tony Curtis both deliver strong efforts and Street Be Calling - with mild hip hop influences - featuring up coming talent Fahrenheit.

Excellent set!