Federation News ~ Tru Story!
Wayne Marshall
Federation Sound
January 23, 2009

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Keeping It Gangster (Dub) Pt. 1 feat. Wayne Marshall, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Busy Signal & Bling Dawg
  3. Keeping It Gangster (Dub) Pt. Few feat. Wayne Marshall, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Busy Signal & Bling Dawg
  4. On The Rock (Dub) Mavado & Jay-Z
  5. The Mission (Dub) Damian & Stephen Marley
  6. When We Step (Dub)
  7. Me By Myself (Dub)
  8. Pop Off
  9. Mr. Evil Transformers Interlude
  10. 1975 (Dub)
  11. Middle Fingers (Dub) Fambo & Wayne Marshall
  12. Chi Ching Interlude 1
  13. Feeling It
  14. Long Story
  15. Marshall Weed Talk
  16. Sky's The Limit (Dub) Bounty Killer & Wayne Marshall
  17. Marijuana (Dub)
  18. Fame Radio Skit Boyd & Fambo
  19. War Is On (Dub)
  20. From Yu Par
  21. Esco Interlude
  22. Man A Nail Dem (Hmmm?) (Dub) Esco
  23. Dem Nah Look Nuh Gal (Dub) Assassin
  24. Bling Dawg Interlude
  25. The Place Is Hot (Dub) Bling Dawg & Wayne Marshall
  26. Who We Be (Dub)
  27. Danger Chino & Wayne Marshall
  28. As Far As I See (Dub) Sean Paul & Wayne Marshall
  29. Chi Ching Interlude 2
  30. So Di Gangsta Ride
  31. Who And Dem (Dub)
  32. Tony Matterhorn "My Phone Is Ringing" Interlude
  33. All For One (No Dividing) Alliance & Scare Dem
  34. Alliance Party (Dub) Busy Signal & Wayne Marshall
  35. DJ Boyd "I Was So Wrong" Interlude
  36. Oldies Medley (Dub)
  37. Pothole
  38. Weed Acapella
  39. Smoking On Some
  40. Etana Drop
  41. Messenger (Dub) Tessanne Chin
  42. Praises (Dub)
  43. Give Thanks (Dub)
  44. Fallen Soldiers (Dub) Demarco
  45. In My Life (Dub) Terro 3000
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
2009 hasn't even gotten one month under its belt, but my prediction is that this extraordinary mix-CD "Federation News ~ Tru Story!" is going to be the best mix-CD that became commercially available in 2009 (after being available on various sites for almost 6 months). It is the first mix-CD of its kind, on which Wayne Marshall delivers freestyles and dubplate versions of his hits along with current tunes all mixed and presented by NYC's Federation Sound - Max Glazer, Kenny Meez, Alric & Boyd, & Disco D (R.I.P.) - who teamed up with Alliance for this dubplate extravaganza. But it even gets better, as a who's who of Jamaica's hottest artists drop by delivering dubplates - exclusively bigging up the artist Wayne Marshall and this "Tru Story!" CD even almost forgetting about Federation Sound.

Two "Keeping It Gangster (Dub)"s by the all-star cast of Wayne Marshall himself alongside Bounty Killer, Mavado, Busy Signal & Bling Dawg are delivered after the hilarious "Intro" before dubplates of Mavado's "On The Rock (DUb)" alongside Jay-Z and the Marley siblings Damian 'Jr. Gong' & Stephen with their "The Mission (Dub)" giving that riddim its name completely absorb you. From there it's one big hardcore dancehall party with lots of Wayne Marshall's own scorchers, an amazing "Transformers Interlude" by Craig 'Leftside' Parks' alter-ego Dr. Evil, Wayne Marshall's combination "Middle Fingers (Dub)" against all haters alongside (Future) Fambo a.k.a. Future Troubles, who later also joins Federation's DJ Boyd for a "Fame Radio (Skit)", an interlude and dub by Esco and Assassin dubplate and Wayne Marshall dubplate combinations with Bling Dawg, Chino, Sean Paul and Busy Signal.

Tony Matterhorn lends himself for the "My Phone Is Ringing (Interlude)" and both the full Alliance and Scare Dem Crew drop dubplates in this hypey hype blend of weed, (musical) war and gangsterism that is maintained for almost 40 tunes. And then suddenly, after hearing only artists dropping in with either interludes or dubs you'd expect after the hardcore vibe of the first 5 tunes going on for 40, a complete surprise is the respect by convinced female roots singer Etana voiced followed by Tessanne Chin with a powerful "Messenger (Dub)". But that is just the balance this CD needed to make it even more special, closing with a "Praises (Dub)", "Give Thanks (Dub)", Demarco's überhit "Fallen Soldiers (Dub)" and the magnificent Terro 3000 "In My Life (Dub)" that is based on Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is"(!). For every dancehall and Wayne Marshall fan this is an absolutely must buy CD, and my only criticism on this "Federation News ~ Tru Story!" Wayne Marshall mix-CD is, that it should carry a warning do not play while driving a car as you'll be speeding 200 km/h as sooner than you'll notice... and that risk will last for 80 minutes ...