We Nah Give Up
The Congos & Pura Vida
Lost Ark Music
Double LP (Limited Edition)
December 4, 2011

We Nah Give Up - Pura Vida & The Congos Track list
Disc One

Side A
  1. We Nah Give Up
  2. Africa
  3. Rolling Stone
  4. Tuffer
Side B
  1. The Wicked A Go Fall
  2. Jah Send A Little Angel
  3. Why You Treat Me So Bad
  4. Who's Love
Disc Two

Side A
  1. No Way Out
  2. Bam Bam
  3. Proceed
  4. You Don't Know Me
Side B
  1. Rasta Feeling
  2. Melodica Dub
  3. African Dub
  4. Rolling Dub
  5. We Nah Give Dub
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Almost 35 years after the reggae world welcomed the release of The Congos' "Heart Of The Congos", there's the Pura Vida & The Congos' dbl vinyl album "We Nah Give Up". Even though producer Lee 'Scratch' Perry isn't involved at all, the Black Ark Studio doesn't exist anymore, and it's all about the collaboration between the Belgian reggae collective Pura Vida and the legendary Jamaican group The Congos, it's not exaggerated to call this "We Nah Give Up" set the natural successor of one of the most outstanding classic roots & culture albums. Not that it outmatches or even matches "Heart Of The Congos" throughout, but it includes enough efforts that come very close to the best tracks of that classic album to justify this statement.

The first disc of this dbl album gets started in real fine style with the title track, "We Nah Give Up", featuring the vocals of Cedric Myton, Congo Ashanti Roy, Watty Burnett, and Kenroy "Tallash" Fyffe, better known as The Congos. Although the album opener is a solid tune, it's the wonderful "Africa" that has a magic touch and strongly refers to the heydays of Lee "Scratch" Perry and his Black Ark Studio. And it doesn't stop here... The uptempo "Rolling Stone", with again Cedric Myton being the lead vocalist, is another impressive effort with great horns. Then it's Congo Ashanti Roy's turn to take the lead vocal and shine on "Tuffer", on which the legendary Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace plays drums, while the other members of The Congos take care of harmonies and percussion.

Also the flipside of this disc contains some great roots & culture music, starting off with the excellent "The Wicked A Go Fall", a song that instantly grabs you. Pure niceness! This also goes for the more light-hearted sounding "Jah Send A Little Angel", sung by Congo Ashanti Roy. The solid "Why You Treat Me So Bad", a song that deals with matters of the heart, sees also Watty Burnett taking his turn as lead vocalist. The B-side is rounded off with the superb "Who's Love". Underpinned by a slow-paced riddim this hypnotizing song, with Congo Ashanti Roy doing the lead vocals, is so beautiful that it gives you goosebumps.

Disc two features four vocal tunes by Pura Vida, one by Congo Ashanti Roy ("Rasta Feeling") and four dub versions. At first sight it might be a bit odd to have Pura Vida songs on this dbl album, but once you've listened to them it's no doubt about it that they, from a musical point of view, perfectly complement those of The Congos. Just listen to the Bregt de Boever sung "Proceed", a true roots killer, and it's obvious why Pura Vida deserves to be included here. Also "No Way Out", "Bam Bam", with nice violin play by Katrien Peeters, and "You Don't Know Me" have their own merit and are truly worth hearing over and over again.

The Congos & Pura Vida have created a masterpiece, however only for those who haven't get rid of their record player. A real pity because thus "We Nah Give Up" will only reach the happy few, also because it's a Limited Edition release (the first vinyl press has sold out, a second press is on its way). We can only hope for a CD release in the near future, because this set deserves to be heard by a large reggae massive.