Album review
What A Man A Deal With?
Winston McAnuff
March 14, 2004

Tracking list

  1. What Man Sow
  2. What The Man A Deal Wid
  3. One Love
  4. Hypocrites And Parasites
  5. Praying For That Day
  6. Jah Love
  7. Everyman
  8. Unchained (Extended Version With Trinity)
  9. Unchained Dub
  10. What Man Dub
  11. What A Man A Dub Wid
  12. Hypocrites Dub Parasites Dub
  13. Jah Dub
  14. Everyman Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5

Winston McAnuff's "What A Man A Deal With" is the second cd release from this artist on Makasound, a relatively new reissue label from France that has come up with some very interesting releases so far. In 1995 the vocal tracks featured here appeared on a cd called "One Love". However it was pirated by Crocodisc/Culture Press (as stated in the sleeve notes), but Winston was never consulted and never paid! "What The Man 'A' Deal Wid" was Winston McAnuff's second album, the follow up to his Derrick Harriott produced debut set "Picks Hits To Click" from 1977. The LP was recorded at Channel One Studio in 1979 and featured riddims laid by the Lewis brothers from Inner Circle and their Fatman Riddim Section. Winston McAnuff aka Electric Dread, one of the obscure names of Reggae, has a unique electrifying vocal style. His deep, gruff voice comes to full expression in the eight orthodox roots tunes featured on this cd. These tunes include outstanding conscious efforts such as "What Man Sow", the title track "What The Man A Deal Wid", the awesome "Hypocrites And Parasites" and "Everyman". Also worth of hearing is Winston's interpretation of Bob Andy's "Unchained", performed over a tough riddim with a thundering and inspired bass line. This is the extended version featuring the deejay Trinity, appearing on cd for the first time. As a nice addition to the original LP we're treated to six slow and heavy dub versions. In particular "What A Man A Dub Wid" is a real tough dub with a prominent role for Sky Juice's percussion work and Bo Pee's guitar playing.
Pretty sure that this solid cd will be enjoyed by any fan of roots music from the late seventies.

Teacher & Mr. T.