On The Roots Again
Walk On The Moon
Koko Records
CD / Digital Release
September 29, 2015

Track list
  1. Escape
  2. Wrong & Strong
  3. Don't Walk Away
  4. Sunny Day
  5. The Only One
  6. Dreamin'
  7. HappyLuciday
  8. Complexion
  9. Straight To The Sky
  10. Farenheit 69
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
There's many roads to leaving an imprint in this yah Reggae Music. None easy at all. Thankfully, THE BENELUX REGGAE CONTEST is a sincere platform for artists to put forth their best and rise and shine in a fair and viable format. One of this year's finalists, "WALK ON THE MOON", did exactly that; no small accomplishment to make it to the contest's finals amid the deep pool of talent. This Belgium based unit has been together collectively for 11 years now. After a two year hiatus and a name change (previously known as "Waka"), they have delivered a quiet storm in the form of "On The Roots Again". A musical ray of sunshine that illuminates both Heartically and Soulfully....

"ON THE ROOTS AGAIN" is a brilliant collection of sessions from May 2011-June 2014 at Studio Hautregard. The tracks were mixed and mastered by soundboard wiz Laurent "Roo" Eyen at Studio Koko Records. The multi cultural unit consists of lead singer Marie Gustin who truly possesses one of the most heartfelt voices in the business. Stany Lecharlier is well able on guitars. Bassie Thibaut Nguyen excels throughout. Keyboardist Quentin Nguyen is a bubbling champion. Drummie Laurent Rhainotte is taut from start to finish. The horn section of Philippe Quewet/Antoine Dawins/Augustin Dive is top grade. Percussionist Pierre Poucet adds a magic touch.

"Escape" is a brilliant excursion indeed. Marie's commanding and mystical delivery glides along a solid riddim with stout guitar riffs, drum rolls and vivid horn section. Arrangements are way up top!! "Wrong And Strong" is potent on all levels. Over a lilting riddim, Marie struts regally and is quite remarkable. Truly accomplished singer/songwriter that should be heard all over Creation. "Don't Walk Away" is a Ska soaked gem that shows the aptitude and altitude of this band as a whole. Nice Jazz inflections on this hot number. "Sunny Day" was a song that the band entered into the contest ; one can see why!! The bass is nectar and horns navigate this musical episode with true experience. An incredibly deep song with layers of dimension. Hook, line and sinker!! Instant rewind! "The Only One" can only make one smile. Marie gives it up and rides an enriching backbone with great keys and some serious harmonies. Dash it some great licks and kicks and this one great song. The elements of Reggae are felt throughout, but the band expertly infuses other styles to full effect.

Dreamin is a unique track. What starts as a ballad soon turns into a gem with Gladiatoresque harmonies, lyrics of substance and keyboard work reminding us of the glorious 1970's. "HappyLuciday" is a trip. Ethereal key work gives way to a solid Skanking affair. Thought provoking lyrics with top hornmanship and a completely original atmosphere. This band are completely in accordance with each other. Boom! "Complexion" continues the mystical nature. Marie is totally commanding with true philosophy and is at ease with ethereal harmonies and subtle detonations of horns, key and guitar riffs. Solid blend of musical styles presented in true Reggae style. "Straight To The Sky" is a Rocksteady piece that's outstanding. Glory to the sound!! Marie draws in the listener with natural ability and the band's ability is limitless. Standout selection. "Fahrenheit 69" is a Reggae tinged gem that simply demonstrates the versatility of this band. This is a song that's radio friendly and is quite feasible even to the most discerning Reggae lover.

WALK ON THE MOON's "ON THE ROOTS AGAIN" is an uplifting and upfull set from start to finish. Their embracement of Reggae is right there; evident in every track. What truly stands out is Marie's masterclass voice and her ability to glide along any riddim. Though not familiar with this band's earlier works; it's clear that the ensemble are master craftsmen and have heaps of experience on stage and studio. Not a Roots Reggae presentation but get this great set without hesitation. Highly recommended! Go DEH!!