Album review
Lion Of Zion Entertainment
03 - 11 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Blood & Fire
  2. Consuming Fire (Outro)
  3. Soon Come (Intro)
  4. Thief in the Night
  5. Love of My Life
  6. Intentions
  7. Emancipation Proclamation
  8. My Radio (Intro)
  9. My Stereo
  10. Selassie Say (Intro)
  11. Why You Ago Look?
  12. Among the Dead
  13. Hallelu-Jah (Intro)
  14. Food for the Hungry
  15. Warriors Chant (Intro)
  16. Warriors
  17. Onward Christian Soldiers (Outro)
  18. Talawa (Lift Him up and Edify Him Daily)
  19. Render Your Heart (It's only what You've Done for the Lord)
  20. Cry No More
  21. For My Father's Sake
  22. Roaring Lion (Outro)
  23. WordSound&Power
  24. No Water Can Out This Fire (Outro)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

Christafari has been a trailblazer, pioneering a new genre of Christian reggae in the US. With their blending of traditional roots reggae mixed with contemporary dancehall reggae they have proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly with relevance to this generation. Christafari was founded by Mark Mohr (lead vocalist, producer, key songwriter and spokesperson) in 1989. Now an ordained Pastor, Mark is joined on stage by his wife, Vanessa, a vocalist, dancer and choreographer who has been with the band since 1992. In 1990 Mark Mohr started the mission organization “Jamaica for Jesus” through which he leads teams to the island for street evangelism, outreach concerts, backstage witnessing at Sunsplash, and teaching Vacation Bible School. Christafari also represents the Child Sponsorship Organization Food for the Hungry International.
In combination with Soul Fire Crew, his new backing band that was formed in 1997, Christafari has put out a more than solid Christian reggae album, which will keep the listener's attention for the total length (74 min !) of the cd. The album-concept with 14 songs and 10 interludes, makes the album even more interesting. As one might expect Christafari frequently uses the themes of God's love, spiritual warfare, redemption, and the joy of Christ. There's even an occasional love song on the album : Love Of My Life, a song dedicated to Mark Mohr's wife, Vannessa. Mark Mohr is a more than gifted songwriter. I can't point out any filler tunes on the album, every track has its own specific qualities. One of the most moving songs on the album is the ballad Cry No More. The song was written after a shooting in Kingston in which a few innocent bystanders were tragically killed. The album opens with Blood And Fire, a compelling tune across the 'Revolution' riddim. Thief In The Night is a fantastic tune and is his interpretation of the passages in the Bible that speak of the end of times. In the ballad Why You Ago Look Mark challenges those who who are now searching for the truth in all the wrong places. The autobiographical song Warriors is one of the standouts of the album. More good tunes are For My Father's Sake and the title track WordSound&Power.
Christafari's latest album proves that Christian reggae has developed into a mature form of reggae music, that can be enjoyed by all reggae fans.

Teacher & Mr. T.