Write My Name
Footprintz Music Group
February 11, 2011

Write My Name - Luciano Track list
  1. Taking Off
  2. To Zion
  3. Write My Name
  4. Aba Father
  5. Jah Alone
  6. Mama's Psalm
  7. It Won't Be Long
  8. Disaster
  9. Right My Name
  10. Miles Away
  11. I Love You Dearly
  12. Love Light
  13. Talk To Me
  14. Georgia (Terrible Thing)
  15. Jah Should
  16. The Songs
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Total votes : 30
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The highly anticipated new Luciano album entitled "Write My Name", the follow up to the Frenchie produced "United States Of Africa" for VP Records, hit the streets towards the end of 2010. Produced by Rawle Collins and recorded at Makonnen Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, this truly excellent collection of tunes features seasoned musicians such as Style Scott, Winston "Horseman" Williams, and Paul "Pablo" Stennett (Ziggy Marley's bass player), while the mixing has been done by veteran engineers Errol Brown and Soljie Hamilton.

With "Write My Name" Luciano delivers an extremely accomplished, homogeneous album, actually one that can be reckoned among the best projects he has done since he entered the reggae arena in the early 90s. Each and every track included here is worth hearing due to a powerful and inspired sounding roots singer who is in superb vocal and lyrical form. All tunes are underpinned by fresh original riddims, most of them sounding real tough. The absence of saxophone sounds from the omnipresent Dean Fraser works very well as it makes Luciano's musical efforts less mellow. The Messenjah doesn't break any new ground, but that ain't necessary at all when he hits as hard as he does here.

The album opener, the powerful "Taking Off", instantly makes clear what Luciano's intentions are... "trample slackness and put the roots music number one pon the list." It's followed by the mighty "To Zion", which comes on a Grounation drum-driven backdrop, and then the standout title track "Write My Name". To start off an album with such great songs causes goose bumps and makes one longing for more deadly goods. And that's exactly what luciano delivers with awesome songs such as "Jah Alone", "Aba Father", "Mama's Psalm", "Talk To Me", "Georgia (Terrible Thing)" and "Jah Should" to name only six. On most of the tracks featured on this album, Luciano blazes more fire than he has ever done and that's really good to hear.

The accompanying DVD titled "In My Own Words" features unique footage, which was shot at Rawle Collins' home in Atlanta over a three year period and contains unscripted questions and honest unscripted responses from Luciano. It gives the world a glimpse of the man Jepther McClymont and discusses various subject matters including the good herb (actually the song "Georgia (Teribble Thing" is a true story), religion and musical responsibility in this time, among other issues.

"Write My Name" is extremely pleasing to the ear, so make sure you grab this outstanding Luciano album while you can.